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Witches are housewives or Who such wiccans?

They write books about garden magic and about how efficiently to use fennel and parsley in a household. They understand apple pies, the Celtic holidays and features of application of cats for homeliness.

So who such wiccans and what is Wicca?

of FAQ for beginners

Wicca (English Wicca) - the western Neopagan religion based on honoring of the nature. Gerald Gardner was a creator and the primogenitor of Wicca. In the middle of the last century he published the book “Sorcery Today“ in which claimed that he was devoted in the ancient tradition of witches originating in the Stone Age.

It bore fruit - wrote it from every quarter of the Old and New World, and after a while he created community of witches (Cauvin) where he began training and dedication in tradition.

What it is? Gardner did not begin to subtilize - he aggregated the most widespread elements of pagan beliefs and united all this in one system. Thus in Wicca there were solar horned god and the lunar goddess, reincarnation, 8 holidays of the Wheel of year - summer and winter solstices, spring and autumn equinoxes, and also Celtic samayn (Halloween), imbolk (or the Candlemas, on February 1), belteyn (or Varpulgiyeva night - on May 1) and lammas (a holiday of the first harvest, on August 1). By the moral principles were declared “the threefold law“ an essence of which it is reduced to “what you will seed, will reap“ and, very indistinct “without doing anybody harm - create that you want“.

Thus, the Wicca came to our world and charmed it peaked hats, beautiful pagan songs and macaroon goods.

of the Hobby for housewives

Should visit any wiccan website (Russian-speaking or foreign) - and you will be met by pleasant warm colors, beautiful pictures, scintillating coppers and traditional black cats. Information sections will burst with reference books on plants, ideas on gardening, culinary recipes and all hand-made articles for the house.

I am really inspired by these American lodges behind a white fence decorated with tapes trees and silver pentagrams. The jars inscribed by ink with herbs and spices cast nostalgia, just as sacks with a lavender and grants how to prepare candles and soap in house conditions.

The idealistic picture something warm, cozy, smelling delicious and very much - very far … approximately about a half of the continent and the ocean is drawn. Looking at severe native open spaces, you understand that to us to solve a problem in what wing of the house it is the best of all for to create the working room for magic, in the next decades does not threaten. Also clubs on a vedmovst and gardening “in local shop of books“ do not threaten us, purchases of anturazhny knives and exotic Books of Shadows which American witches use for records of recipes do not threaten. The sensitive issue where to find time (and the place) for carrying out circles - meetings of the trained group of young people (and not really) witches does not threaten us. But at the same time also problems on employment, degrading for a kulonchik - a pentagram on a neck and constant claims for the rights and freedoms do not threaten. Agree, too there is a lot of.

But you ask

“Practical magic“: “And where here magic?“

Magic in Wicca is practical - everything that is near at hand is used! The leaf of laurels goes not only to soup, but also to a protective amulet. Bright hot peppers are strung in garlands and hung up about an entrance door as protection against the evil. With the same purpose the vikkanka can put a geranium on a threshold or expose a pot with it in a window. Oil of a lavender will help from burns, and the sack with a lavender will bring good luck to the house. Pumpkins for Halloween (on October 31) will not allow angry to spirits to enter the house, and apple pie with cinnamon - excellent bewitching means!

On the broom modern witches do not fly, they sweep out all negative energy with its help. Red, gray and striped cats pressed in witch fashion traditional black, and peaked hats carry only on holidays now!

You want to become the real witch? Bake ginger asterisks on the eve of Yol (on December 22), wash up a floor mix of orange and coniferous oils, light red candles and you will stroke the cat - let purrs and fills the house with a cosiness!