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Fantasy “Super 8“ or How Spielberg remembered young years?

I again in the dwelling of the American film figure Jay Jay of Abrams set in mystery fog. Zapershis in the cellar of own house, the director in outer darkness and total loneliness developed idea of the new movie.

Periodically from a subsoil of the bunker constructed on a war case with Russians the illegible abuse, ringing slaps on something unshaven and a low moan of a fret saw reached.

Abrams obviously withdrew an ingenious plan from depths of the brain, but the germ did not hurry to contemplate the Great wild world. Several days later, emaciated and tousled, Jay Jay left a voluntary imprisonment and, passing a bathroom and a little cooled down breakfast of week, dialed painfully familiar number of the friend Stephen. Conversation was fierce, short, but encouraging. Spielberg will help. The sigh of simplification marked start of the project under the mysterious name “Super 8“.

… As a result of accident at chemical plant of Joe lost mother. His father, the assistant to the sheriff Jackson Lamb, tries to hide the bitterness, but will not conceal the obvious fact - his wife was always closer and more native to the son, than the severe representative of the law. And now the police officer steeped in work at all, intending to fill sincere emptiness. Only no line in their small town occurs. For the time being.

In the summer Joe and his friends, under the sensitive guide of the obsessed film fan Charles, remove an amateur short film about the zombie for a school competition. The aspiration led young cinema-men on the thrown railway station to perfectionism. And if not the teacher of biology Mr. Vudvord who decided to derail military structure in this place, then the next episode of their amateurish opus could and take place. Instead the frightened teenagers came to be among the burning remains of the train of which on the quiet crashes alien Something crept out.

While slow, but extremely fussy military begin process of collecting the property and tortures of the teacher who survived in accident, the uninvited guest from depths of space is dissolved in forest landings. Then in the city any absurdities begin to occur. People, dogs, microwaves vanish. Together with them somewhere the electricity periodically disappears. Panic and misunderstanding, and a koposheniye nearby of people in uniform grows at all causes superstitious fear. Who knows, maybe, Russians pinch the microwave oven - furnaces and automobile engines? The solution of supernatural incidents, as always, is banal. And the main participants of these, undoubtedly, interesting and terrible events those children which happened involuntary witnesses of accident … will begin to become unconditional

, Spielberg wanted to return for a long time to a genre of a family fantasy thanks to which it long time held a level of the most successful film director in the world. But directly pride did not allow to clone “Alien“ to it. Another matter, if others hands. As a rule, there is a lot of producers, in a face you will not state to everyone. Therefore, when Abrams suggested to remove a variation on a subject E. T., Stephen agreed. And what to it was to lose? At worst, only money.

Especially as Abrams - nearly ideal option for experiment. The creator of one of the most expensive and well-known TV series “to Survive“ already picked up begun for colleagues twice. In 2006 it unexpectedly for all changed John Wu in the espionage franchize “Mission: it is impracticable“, and in 2009 restored “Star Trek“ to life. Abrams`s ability to alter and modernize imposed Spielberg. In total vacuum of new, original ideas this “principle of a hardworking chameleon“ allowed it to update “Alien“ for present generation without doubts for the end result. But just in case Stephen allocated himself the place of the producer of the project which, in a manner peculiar to Abrams, was coded not worse, than legendary “Zone 51“.

Actually, the scenario was weaved out of two plots. On the one hand, directors decided to remember rough youth when they, curly evreychik, ran on vicinities with a movie camera “Super 8“ and removed everything that moves. With another - again to torment hands of cruel fighters of some space guest that at the end of the movie with tears in the eyes to allow to go home him. Pushchay flies, nekhrist, we so far on hedgehogs will be trained.

Certainly, children had to become the main characters of the movie. The naive, not become familiar persons with plaintive eyes of lambs (a surname of the main character Joe - Lamb, a lamb) who are puzzly looking at cruelty and indifference of adults. To whom as not they, will have honor to peer into pure blue eyes of the alien monster, which actually at all not an aggressor, and the unfortunate newcomer who went astray. And to whom as not to Spielberg know that the genre of a family fantasy steadily finds a path to hearts of the audience, it is so pleasant to understand the goodwill and humanity to outcast this world, whether it be captured Jews in “Schindler`s List“ or the lost overseas animal. Not in a reproach to Spielberg, but calculation mathematically true and beautiful.

Alas, this time experience and Stephen`s knowledge brought. Abrams in the scenario did not learn the lesson and crumpled kindly presented template to primitivism. And this unfortunate boy to whom you empathize out of any fantastic impurity, and the spiteful marines who are habitually killing civil, and even trembling teenage love. The director so diligent copied finds of the colleague and the teacher that for an instant forgot that he - that shoots film not on a competition, and for himself. But also it was enough instant that the project, despite all situation of privacy and mysteriousness around shootings, was worn out and shrank to the sizes of “the next version on a subject“.

A merit of “Alien“ was at least the fact that E. T. there was a wish to squeeze from incredible love and adoration, such it was the nice fellow and the lassie. To sympathize in all seriousness huge arachnoid Something, rumpling buses like a napkin and tearing off, let also to villains - military, gods, somehow it is impossible. It, of course, there is a wish that it got out from Earth to such - swear at that, but to wave at parting a kerchief and to wipe a tear does not pull. There is a wish to learn more, than the teenage novel of Joe and his passion of Alice (her role younger sister of Dakota played Fanning, Ale) will end, but, alas, the final of this really touching story of love stayed behind scenes.

We summarize. It is possible if all “Super 8“ was removed by those young cinematographers, but not the juggler ideological cliches Abrams, then the result would be more optimistical. Children save the world, but do not rescue the movie from inevitable predictability. Then the well-known logo of the company of Spielberg Amblin Entertainment (the boy by bicycle against the full Moon) is perceived not as a brand of quality of production, and as mockery. Neither special staginess, nor anguish of feelings, nor deep emotional affection for the newcomer. Schematical adults against bright, talented offsprings.

Surprisingly, but to Abrams were successful rare dramatic situations, than a fantastic component of the movie much better. Perhaps it is time for it to give up blockbusters and to change a genre, but not to beat out easy money on spectator nostalgia to masterpieces of the youth?