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Why the American military invest money in mechanical animals and birds?

Well as what for? Time is the state money, it is necessary to spend them, and that if you do not spend, will not be given any more … And if it is serious what military tasks carry out robots: animals, birds, insects?

The first that occurs - investigation. What can be simpler, than equip the robot - a fly or the robot - a bird with a video camera and to send to the back of the enemy to receive the most valuable data? It is much more difficult to mark a fly or a bird, than the person or, say, the modern plane - the UAV. The robobird can be made so maneuverable that she will be able to fly not only on open spaces, but also in rooms.

Such works are conducted not one decade, there are even already confidential standards what information has to obtain the robot - a bird and what the robot - an insect … And the serial samples which are officially employed ““, still not.

Though prototypes of robobirds, for example, radio-controlled mechanical hawks, already began to disperse birds over the Dutch airports. There are even civil options of such mechanical birds which are sold online at the price from 300 dollars. And all - such “designs“ bear a faint resemblance to birds very much. Flying range of an insect and bird is small - well what size you will thrust the accumulator and a motor into a mechanical fly or the robot - a pigeon? So far such prototypes fly within the small army ground.

Here and the tiny robot - a humming-bird (the exact name Nano Hummingbird from the AeroVironment company), successfully tested on the ground with the destroyed buildings, gave quite exhaustive information on group of several people disappearing in one of them. “Humming-bird“ flew about the building, by means of sensors found people and hanged over each of “opponents“. The exact location of each of them and video in the continuous mode was instantly given to the control panel of the commander of group. So, “fight“ was almost won, without having begun yet, to destroy the opponent found thus did not represent any work any more. However, there is such “birdie“ in the single copy so far.

Except direct investigation - video filming, the requirement of military to robots - to birds such: installation of stationary sensors - sensors (generally video cameras), transfer small “loads in the point specified on the card“, obligatory destruction of such freight and self-destruction at “capture“. By 2015 the firm promises to make analog of such robot of the size of a pigeon, significantly having increased flying range of such prospecting “birdie“. The interuniversity project “Bird-Sized UAV Project“ already today creating the working robots the sizes “from a seagull to a signature stamp“ takes part in development of ptitserobot. Project managers never hid the communication with the U.S. Air Force military research laboratory (AFRL).

And one more “line“ of robots which is actively financed by the Pentagon - mechanical analogs of pack animals, robots - quadruped. There, where the wheel equipment will not be able to reach, some robot - a dog will precisely reach. By the way, such name is already given one of prototypes of “the device for transfer of load and equipment“ for one person.

And here for small group the robot - a mule (by the way, this real working name of the quadruped robot of Boston Dynamics firm) for transport service of group of people is already created. Except everything listed, such robot will be such electric generator for recharge of accumulators of radio stations and other electronic devices without which modern American soldiers cannot wage war any more.

The separate direction of the Boston Dynamics company - creation of the robot - a cheetah and the robot - the poprygunchik which is jumping through obstacles up to 7 meters high and jumping to buildings through the broken windows for fast delivery of ammunition to warring soldiers. Such robots are trained to follow the person within direct visibility or to deliver freight in the point specified on the card by means of GPS - the navigator, moving not on a straight line, and disappearing pleated districts. By the way, for the same tasks and for transportation of wounded development inflatable “six-leg“ is conducted, in the blown-off state one person can transfer it on himself. In open sources so far nothing is reported about a possibility of self-extermination of such “animals“.

Probably, the American military not for nothing spend the money. There is no doubt that serial samples, descendants of the prototypes described above, will appear on fields of battles in the next years.

But Americans already look further, much farther. In the light of new policy when robots, but not the person in the battlefield have to more and more “stick“, military made pre-orders on creation of the weapon for robots. This weapon has to essentially will cause a stir from made for the person with his small physical force and limited anthropometrical data (first of all, length of hands, bodies and limited ability to maintain return from small arms when firing).

Obviously, already in the near future designers - armorers will not be connected by such “trifles“. What will be this latest weapon, so far super - a puper - confidential military secret.