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What is necessary for CG - the artist for happiness?

the Artist drawing in the computer - the many-sided expert therefore to be happy, much more knowledge and working tools, than to the artist who works in traditional technicians is necessary to it.

1. Speak, each artist needs to talent , but ask any famous artist creating digital arts, and he will answer: “For success 1% of talent and 99% of work is necessary“. So, having accepted 1% a priori, we will understand that many forces are necessary to the artist to learn and to overcome still household difficulties, own laziness, counteraction of people around, differences of the mood and one million more any circumstances to have an opportunity to work, work and work... and at last to realize the talent.

2. CG - to the artist as any artist, needs to basic knowledge classical drawing and classical painting. The firm hand, exact eye estimation, coloring and feeling of composition are necessary for it. Also it is desirable at the level of full automatism that is expressed in feeling of flight in operating time, and such state is reached only by long trainings.

3. CG profession - the artist except basic demands also of special knowledge : it is necessary to know English and to learn to operate masterly the graphic editor, otherwise drawing can turn into painful torture with a lethal outcome for ready drawings.

4. Of course, needs the computer with big random access memory, especially if the artist is engaged in rendering in 3D or flash - modeling (develops moving drawings).

5. It surely needs the monitor which is well calibrated by , with an excellent color rendition and high resolution.

6. As subsidiary tools are necessary the input equipment.

It or a mouse who has enough for work with a vector, or the tablet (digitayzer). The same format, as paper, from the smallest A6 to A3 for professionals have tablets. The cursor in the form of the ordinary handle which more often is called a feather is applied to the tablet, and artists like to call it the stylus. Drawing by means of the tablet almost does not differ from drawing in the handle or a pencil on paper, only the image arises in the file and is displayed on the monitor. The tablet for the artist often is more sacred subject, than the computer. Between them there is a certain spiritual bond, and each artist loves the tablet and is proud of

Input equipment are the scanner and the digital camera . It is sometimes simpler to make the sketch on paper and then to transfer it to an electronic look, to the computer. The camera besides is used for receiving so-called referens - nature pictures (the computer with the tablet on the nature you will not take out).

There is also more convenient input equipment - the monitor - the tablet where it is possible to draw directly on the screen, as on paper, and the electronic handle with usual ink drawing on paper, but then transferring the image to the computer. Such devices are rather expensive, but are demanded by professionals.

7. The output device - the printer , sometimes too is necessary. If it is necessary to unpack works in a big format, use plotters. But these devices of the road, a massivna and the house keep them units in commercial purposes.

8. Very important tool, it is possible to tell - main without which not to do, - the graphic editor , the program for drawing. There is a lot of such programs, and everyone has the features, and some and the appointment (for example, Manga Studio for drawing in style of an anime).

The most known - of Adobe Photoshop in which it is possible to draw in a raster, partially in a vector, to create a flash - animations, to work in equipment of a photoart, it masters and some types of fractals.

Brushes in it is mute less, than in the editors created especially for drawing, and they are not so good, but in is mute a set of special effects and the most convenient ways of preservation and editing graphic files. Its opportunities are so big that there will hardly be a person who used all of them in work.

of Corel Painter , the special program for artists goes the following in popularity. In it is mute more than four hundred brushes, successfully imitating traditional technicians of drawing and painting. In it it is less digital special effects, than in the Photoshop, but for the true artist such frills are not especially necessary - it them and a brush can represent.

Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator - two very popular programs, are intended for work with a vector.

3D Max, Maya, ZBrush - editors for 3D - modeling. This type of computer graphics requires the powerful computer, at least 4 - nuclear. In two gigabytes of memory during this work not to manage.

Actionscript, Flashdevelop and Tweenlite (appendix) - for creation a flash - animations.

Apophysis, Ultra Fractal, Fractal Explorer, Mandelbulb 3d, Incendia - some generators of fractals. However, it is impossible to call fractals equipment of drawing because images are generated by means of program formulas, but certain masters manage to create from them the whole pictures.

Still it is possible to call several especially popular editors - of PhotoImpact, GIMP, SAI, Artweaver, Open Canvas, Art Rage, MyPaint . And, of course, how not to remember unpretentious Paint which in Windows 7 became more functional?

The best of these editors cost expensive, but people to whom they are necessary for work buy a license product, without wishing to be in trouble from inspection bodies. Firms - producers lately began to monitor strictly observance of the rights, and neither the state, nor employers wish to quarrel with them. However there are quite good free editors from whom the most convenient, and besides “lung“ (107 Mgb) GIMP is considered multi-purpose.

The artist usually uses some one, favourite editor, but holds near at hand still a couple to diversify the creative life.

9. When at the artist is everything listed above, he can create tirelessly. But to it as the creator, needs for recognition of the audience . And though there is a little glory, and it is better, of course, much. And then the creator blossoms and creates even better.

10. Orders from employers become a result of works also , and than their is more, than they are more solid and larger, that the artist is happier.

Here such is a set which is necessary to CG - the artist for happiness. If you the artist, then agree with me. If not yet, but you aspire to it, immediately you get components. Also there will be to you happiness!

But there is one more, very best main condition: if creativity does not inspire you if you are not given it with all the heart and it will not become for you meaning of life - neither knowledge, nor fancy equipment will help. Perhaps, and your one percent of talent - in impossibility not to create will be shown .