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Wavy popugaychik: we live in peace and friendship and long?

Wavy popugaychik - the graceful little birdies capable the carefree twitter and fluttering to lighten mood and to distract from unpleasant thoughts. On counters of pet-shops, in cages in poultry markets they wait for the owners to please them with singing, to give love and pleasure.

But what needs to be known that who decided to get a parrot in the house? Whether these birds do harm to human health? How to look after them?

Those people who have tendency to allergic reactions to dust are not recommended to get a parrot. When keeping a bird in the house problems of emergence of a fine dust, small plumelets, a peel from a forage are inevitable - all this can provoke an aggravation of allergic reaction. Therefore before getting wavy popugaychik in the house, it is worth finding out the tendency to an allergy. This, likely, only contraindication, in all other cases parrots are absolutely harmless.

If it is possible to call it a shortcoming, then wavy popugaychik have one - as well as all animals, they demand attentive and careful leaving. To wavy parrots clean and fresh air, average temperature indoors and average humidity are vital. Do not advise to place a cage with a bird in kitchen, on drafts, near heating devices. Indoors, where there lives a bird, it is not recommended to smoke - it can do harm to a parrot and to provoke his disease.

It is the best of all to hang up a cage in pure and rather light corner of the room at the level of human growth. Take care of that the cage was convenient to be cleared of a dung of a bird, feathers, a peel from a forage. Ideal option of a cage for keeping of a parrot - a cage with the squared sliding pallet with flat top of a roof. Beautiful figured, round cages, despite the attractive appearance, in use are very impractical, they wash difficult and cleaned, and in their corners dirt, dust, feathers and parasites can accumulate. The factor of purity of a cage is very important for wavy parrots, in a pure and light cage the bird is not ill, is mobile and stays in cheerful mood.

The cage is recommended to be cleaned in summertime every other day, during the winter period it is possible less often - 2 - 3 times a week. Once a month for prevention, fight against microbes and parasites the cage can be processed camomile broth, not usual cleaners and powders. Broth of a camomile will perfectly disinfect a cage and will not do much harm to your feathery friend.

The diet of a bird can consist of specialized forages for wavy popugaychik. The wide choice is offered by veterinary drugstores and shops. In the same place it is possible to consult with the expert. It is possible for prevention of diseases for parrots to add an egg shell, greens, a canary seed, liquid vitamins for birds to a diet.

Take care of that the popugaychik always had clear and fresh water in a drinking bowl. It is better to choose drinking bowls either plastic, or porcelain. They need to be washed regularly that on walls of feeding troughs and drinking bowls the raid and slime was not formed.

Sand is necessary for a wavy parrot for good digestion. Small grains of sand which are swallowed by a birdie clear her stomach. Sand can be filled in small capacity and to put on a cage bottom. The obligatory requirement is that sand was dry (ordinary sand can be calcinated at high temperature), in damp sand microorganisms quickly develop, and instead of advantage it will do to a bird harm. Before filling, sand needs to be sifted and removed small stones which can wound internals of a wavy parrot.

At the correct leaving with a normal food allowance and your feathery friend can live in purity from 10 to 15 years.

Wavy parrots are trained in the human speech. But before beginning to teach a birdie to speak, it is necessary to make friends, tame, come into contact with her. If the parrot does not feel in relation to you fear, trusts, feels your caress and care, then he will go for contact and to please the owner, will begin to pronounce the first words. It is necessary to be engaged with a parrot not occasionally, and it is regular. You should not raise the voice on a bird - parrots long remember not only the good relation to them, but also a negative.

Wavy parrots - beautiful, kind, cheerful and mobile birdies. Excellent friends for children. They load with a positive and thank for care and love cheerful chatter.