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“Eight Below“: the road will be mastered by going?

to Produce the evidence of the validity of the statement that the road will be mastered by going, authors of the movie “Eight Below“ decided. This way of check of popular wisdom is original and unusual - it is presented by survival history in Antarctica of pack of the draft dogs who appeared as the fates decree isolated from people within six months.

This history does not leave to the viewer of any chance to remain indifferent and not privy to the taking place events, so, the chance with heroes of the movie this road is provided to the viewer to master together.

From first minutes of the movie before us living in conditions of a civilization and habitually using its benefits, the severe land of stately snow-white open spaces where everything is penetrated by cold, permafrost and the ringing silence appears. Her Majesty Antarctic - in all the sparkling beauty where the nature is felt in its pristineness, greatness and a netronutost. And only research bases occupied by people and draft dogs speak about breath of life in this of the snow desert.

In such untouched a civilization places heroes of the movie - the Conductor of research base and its team of draft dogs pass test for durability. The approaching storm forces people to leave base by plane. Dogs are tied to return behind them the following flight. Dogs see at parting the Conductor which promises to return behind them. The plane takes off in the sky, giving up dogs hope that they will not be thrown. But the cleared-up storm destroys this hope... For dogs nobody flies... Storm... Impossibility of flight in such conditions... And one thousand more reasons as a result of which dogs in fact are doomed to death.

From this point before the audience the picture shaking to the bottom of the heart is developed: the dogs who are swept up by snow on one end of the earth and the blossoming California - on other end of the earth where the Conductor fruitlessly makes attempts on rescue of dogs. Between the person and his dogs - distances of continents, cold of Antarctic, cowardice and disbelief of people. Both dogs, and the Conductor are waited by the long road which they should master.

A shot off-screen - also it becomes clear that the main characters of the movie is courageous draft dogs, pack. These eight to dogs should sustain the Eight Below of Antarctic, to wander on the long road of cold, hunger, losing the fellows. Both again, and again to move forward.

The behavior of dog pack becomes opening for the viewer, ability of dogs to act together, their ability to combine efforts for overcoming of obstacles and unity of living beings in extreme conditions causes admiration.

These characteristics inherent, apparently, only in human society, were peculiar to dog pack which the example of a survival in severe elements proved that it will master the road going, and forced people to understand that for the sake of important in life it is worth risking and working contrary to obstacles which us the destiny tests.

In conclusion there is a wish to add that the basis of the movie was formed by the real history which happened to the Japanese expedition in 1958.