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What is “Heat-insulated floor“?

“Heat-insulated floors“ apply as auxiliary heaters in combination with radiators or convectors (for example when it is necessary to warm up slightly a tiled floor in a bathroom). However in other circumstances of “TP“ completely replaces with itself traditional systems of a central heating. Let`s tell, in the cottage remote from the gas highway, will be, probably, more simply and cheaper to provide heating by means of electricity. To stretch 1 running meter underground layers will cost $300-600, at the same time electric “heat-insulated floors“, certainly, it is simpler in installation and service, than own system of water heating with a diesel copper and other “pleasures“.

For the Russian conditions the rated capacity of “heat-insulated floor“ makes usually 120-140 Watts on square meter. However the system practically in the coldest season consumes only up to 70-75% of this size.

“heat-insulated floors“ are established, as a rule, on the “pure“ room space which is not occupied with furniture or bathroom equipment. It is connected first of all with economy of the electric power.
an ekhnologiya of the device is rather simple. The layer of a firm not fusible heat insulator, for example “Penofol“ or “Izofleks“ lay on the concrete floor, over it carry out a thin concrete coupler on which a zigzag with a constant step give all the best a cable.

Heat-insulated floor Heatluxury. Installation.

For fastening of a cable use an assembly tape (is included in the delivery package). Near the regulator in a special plastic tube stack the thermal sensor. Then all fill in is cement - sandy solution and when it grabs, dim any decorative floor covering (linoleum, a tile, a carpet). In advance removed ends of cables connect to the regulator. In total. “Heat-insulated floor“ is ready.

If overlappings not concrete, but wooden - too not a problem. A cable fix on the metal gauze tense at some distance from a clean floor between logs. Further all also: connect to the regulator and use. Of course, in this case use a cable with a smaller thermolysis (no more than 10 W/m) and stack not too densely (no more than 80 W/sq.m).

Reliability of “heat-insulated floors“ is defined on 99% by quality of installation works - the electrician is the electrician. If to charge the structure of system to experts, floors will rise in price approximately for 20%, but it will be possible to sleep peacefully.