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Change. Whether it is necessary to know about it?

Maria terribly fell in love with the poor poet. Her husband, the person adult and clever, having noticed fooled around behavior, so told it: “Do not act rashly. I will wait, I will suffer. It is necessary to keep a family, at us the daughter grows“. Some time she still met the poet, but, coming back home and seeing sad eyes of the husband, could get it together, broke up with the lover.

With experiences got sick. And lay prone day and night. The husband fed, to walk drove, undertook efforts with the child and did not lift a change subject in talk, did not sort out the relations. Just waited … In a year Maria already smiled and forgot the poet. Their family stood. But broke up later years five. The husband could not forgive changes. As he admitted then to friends: “In the head imaginations were born - one whip another as my wife behaved in a bed with that, another …“.

In the matrimonial relations there is a non-return point - when certain acts after which it is almost impossible to connect are made. To the woman (or the man if the wife changes) before taking the last step and to expose incorrect on it is necessary to solve: to go in the investigations further or to stop. If to go, then it will be necessary only - to allow almost officially “half“ to walk two exits (as Maria`s husband made) or at once to file for divorce.

And whether you are ready to such turn of events? As happens: the woman who is bringing up the child and long ago not working that her husband went on a spree or what it is worse than learns - fell in love, and in a fuse will throw out things incorrect for a door and will close it behind it forever. The husband, certainly, fast is selected by the mistress (to her only that and it is necessary), and he for offense - as so, him, the Tsar, turned out - deprives the former spouse of contents (the mass of similar examples in practice of family psychologists!) . Also the proud, but poor woman - neither the husband, nor money is left with nothing. It is good if orients in life, will find for itself application. And if is not present?

Nobody urges to suffer the husband`s hellbenders. It is only about “horoshenechko to think“ and, perhaps, to pave the way for a rupture of the relations.

So how to arrive if suddenly you understand that darling takes for a ride, and itself brought the mistress (lover)?

1. To decide what to do with the unpleasant truth. So far the point of a non-return is not passed yet, so far it is for certain not known whether there was a change, there is an opportunity to endure. The proprieties are observed: you know nothing. Well happens also on the old woman of a prorukh. How many cases: took a walk, understood that the wife is better, and suffering from sense of guilt, any more never returned-! But it only if the spouse thinly hinted: “I guess that not everything is good in our kingdom, but I rely on your reason loved“.

2. If divorce there is no wish, honestly to answer himself a question: whether I will be able to forgive?

According to sexologists, any normal man (not the masochist) is not able to sleep with the woman who cuckolds to him long. Many (not all!) women, knowing about changes of the husband, get sick with female diseases. So the organism tears away from itself “others“.

3. If you decide that is not present, without darling life is impossible - suffer. With caress do not climb. At this time they will cause only rejection. Do not row, do not sort out the relations. Will win against the most patient. Behave naturally. You do not fuss, do not try to remember former times. Just live. Greet “traitor“ with a smile if there are children - you say about them. But be not overzealous. You should not use the child in your adult games.

If with the spouse nevertheless remained together, just forgive him. Also forget what had to be worried. Take an eraser and erase.