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Whether the cat can become the soloist of a chamber symphonic orchestra?

Talents at cats happen congenital and acquired. Today it will be a question of the acquired talents. For example, a few years ago in an artistic sky the cat by the name of Nora - the brilliant performer of musical passages on a grand piano appeared. However about everything one after another...

Treasure from a shelter

Somehow the spouses Alexander living in Philadelphia went to pet-shop to buy a forage for five cats. It was that day when from the next shelter every week brought to pet-shop cats and dogs who are offered everyone “for adoption“. Betsey and her spouse were big fans of cats and, of course, did not miss an opportunity to look at moustached - striped.

Their attention was drawn by a little greyish kitten who played in a cage corner with himself, without paying to anybody attention. Spouses looked at each other and understood that they very much want to bring this little playful cat to the house. The decision is made, came it is time to work. Betsey approached the employee of a shelter and asked her on details.

In couple of days of the spouse visited a shelter where processed all documents to the new family member. The little kitty was called Nora, she was only two months old. The employee processing documents warned that, despite children`s age, the cat differs in very independent character and does not love other cats. But future owners not really - that paid attention to these words. They were happy that they got a new kitten.

In the new house

the Hole brought

to the house where five adult cats lived already, all of them were different shades of gray color. For some reason the family Alexander most of all loved the cats having this color scale. The hole very much did not like inhabitants of this house having a tail what she at once declared, having scratched Betsey and having hidden in a corner. It was necessary to allocate to owners for a new kitty the certain room and whenever possible to reduce her communication with the five of old residents.

What is interesting, Nora liked to play with owners different cat`s games or just to watch what they do. When the cat a little bit grew up, showed the fighting spirit. At a meeting with somebody from “team gray“ it the first entered a fight to show that it in the house main. Such attacks to “radical natives“ of the house continued nearly half a year. Owners did not know any more, as to do with a restive cat. But everything stopped suddenly, Nora declared a neutrality at all ceased to notice the neighbors. Betsey and her husband with relief sighed.

the Birth of musical talent

the Hole lived two years in an artistic family: the hostess of the house Betsey was a pianist and gave to students game lessons on keyboard tools. In the house there was a special room for occupations by music with two grand pianos. Somehow owners sat in a drawing room and suddenly heard as from the musical room grand piano sounds reach. Someone pressed one key, taking from the tool a note “ìè“. They fast rushed off there to look who it plays music. What their amazement when they found Nora sitting on a small bench at a piano and playing simple “mi there - mi - mi“ was. Possibly, this sound at it was associated in some way with cat`s “meow“.

Since then also musical career of a cat began. According to Betsey, Nora voluntarily plays grand piano several times a day. She mastered game on the tool two paws and every time tries to reach black keys. Nora very much likes to play music with the hostess in four hands (i.e. in two hands and two paws) on two tools. When Betsey is engaged with the next student, the cat settles above a grand piano and watches a lesson. Business

Having realized

that “in the person of Nora“ unprecedented good luck fell down a family, owners as truly business Americans, decided to benefit by a talented cat. For a start they posted online several video where the cat plays music. For few years these movies were watched by about 30 million people.

Then they created the personal website of the Hole where they posted many photos of the musical cat. Betsey wrote the book on behalf of Nora. Several DVD with its musical improvisations were written down. There were also souvenirs with the image of the Hole: calendars, circles and t-shirts. All these memorable things could be bought on the website.


Recently Martha Stewart invited to the popular show a family Alexander together with their outstanding cat. Betsey told the audience about discovery of musical talent at Nora. It turned out that the cat has the favourite composers. On the first place I. S. Bach. As soon as Betsey asks students to execute any work of this composer, so Nora vividly rushes to the second tool too to accompany. The musical cat also adores Beethoven, the most favourite work - “The ode to pleasure“. At the end of transfer M. Stewart presented to a talented cat a small bust of Bach which decorates Noreen a grand piano now.

Somehow Mindauskas Pesaytis is a conductor of the Klaipeda chamber orchestra, saw on the Internet of video of the playing music Nora. It had an idea to combine a movie piece where the cat improvises on a grand piano, with game of a chamber orchestra which he directed. He received a family consent Alexander on such concert. And here came true! On the big screen close up Nora executes the pieces of music, and together with her plays a chamber orchestra of symphonic music. The premiere of a concert went over with deafening success.


In October, 2009 for outstanding musical talent Nora was awarded with the prize “Cat of Year“. Now Nora is 6 years old, she is in blossoming of a creative power and daily continues to play the passages grand piano. Mass media do not deprive of the attention the well-known cat. Often report about it in news, invite her together with owners on various television current - show, stories about it are published in popular magazines about animals.

It seems that Nora is present nobody business to an agiotage which people lifted around her musical talent. She just is engaged every day in the fact that she very much is pleasant to her.