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In marriage do not take? Change the behavior!

the Man who is living with mother of the children under the same roof, but not descending with her in a registry office considers himself absolutely free. And the woman even if just long meets the citizen, ranks herself as married. And a problem at all not that we like to embellish reality. Just like that that is called it developed: in our country to the adult woman all is better - to be married.

The friend calls and by a sepulchral voice reports that the reason of its holostyachestvo - “a celibacy nimbus“. She intends to get rid immediately of it, and for any money …

- From what you took what you have this nimbus? - I ask.

- We are familiar with Victor four years, but he does not stammer at a marriage. When I hint, laughs away … He lives at me, without explanations disappears on two - three weeks, come then again - indifferently. I came into contacts with his relatives - I am on friendly terms with children from first marriage, I give gifts to parents. And he the wife does not call me - only “girlfriend“. I have a self-assessment on zero … A month ago nerves handed over, made it scandal, quarreled completely …

- Try to change behavior …

So, the rule No. 1.

you do not hurry to invite darling to live together. Everyone has to have the territory. Then the man will have a purpose: to win yours. To win, but not to receive for nothing! The speech, of course, goes about the territory in metaphorical sense, not about a registration. You should not be dissolved completely in the elect and his relatives and friends. One my friend frightened off the potential groom the fact that at the first meeting with his bosom friends exchanged with them phone numbers, and handed to his mother a shawl with words: “ I will Always give you interesting bagatelles“. At an uncertainty stage in the relations leave as much as possible personal space.

Rule No. 2.

Under no circumstances you do not start conversations on a wedding. Even innocent stories about Igor and Svetka who, at last, got married and are unusually happy, will cause suspicions. You should not instigate friends to urge on your darling on “When We Eat a Salatik?“. You can mention only for a moment (at the very beginning of the novel) that if the man - a brake, you cool down … And about the fact that the relations have to develop. The clever man will reel up it to himself on a mustache.

Rule No. 3. If everything was good

and suddenly feel - darling cooled down, not so often calls, not every evening calls to walk, right there play with it in the game “I run away-catch up“. Stop to ask where went when returns. Do not plan days off and holiday next year. Thoughtfully respond to its lazy offer “descend to the movie theater“: “Alas, I cannot! I have a couple of urgent matters“. Answer inquiries absent-mindedly: “I expect small guests“.

Rule No. 4. If he does not call

, does not write, reject thoughts: and suddenly something happened to it?! Also do not get mails, calls and SMS - Kami. Will want to communicate - from - under lands will get.

Rule No. 5.

If your beloved for a long time disappears, and then unexpectedly appears and suggests to meet, do not rush at once and in the fighting calculation: “in a bag ink, a hairbrush, shoes“ … Vigorous (not to abstruse!) by voice report that are glad, but today it will not turn out in any way. However, and tomorrow too. It is possible to meet the day after tomorrow, but at the last minute cancel: “Unfortunately, put … Very much missed you, but I cannot in any way“. Appointment will be pertinent when temperature of patience of object reaches a limit beyond which interest can be gone. By the way, to feel it - art or intuition; both develops training. So, long-awaited appointment at peak of feelings and sensuality (!) - and you again for a while vanish. On its call - SMS-: “Sorry, I cannot speak, I will call back“. And - any showdowns! Only sincere goodwill in a voice and the reference to a great lot of work and others long ago the planned affairs.

Rule No. 6.

Most important - having fallen in love, do not break the life. Do not throw sports, a meeting with girlfriends, campaigns on exhibitions. You lived somehow without It? Well also live further. It is pleasant to men when his woman is demanded when it took place when it in great demand at friends, he by all means considers your candidacy for a position of the potential wife.

When everything is useless? Everything is useless

if your potential groom was never married, and to it for forty any more. At the same time he lives with mother (or in the neighbourhood) and breathes her interests. He does not suggest you to leave at him the toothbrush and persistently shows the door after appointment. Makes appointment on Tuesdays and Fridays and shows extreme displeasure your emergence on Wednesday. Severs relations unexpectedly when it seems that everything at you is very good. Leave fruitless works: before you intimofob .

If he also marries, then not earlier, than to him will be executed fifty. However, and then the hope for normal life with it is small. Will always disturb him: “And what mother will tell?“ He does not trust in the long relations, they cause his concern.

When you meet the man of the dream who for some reason does not wish to marry you, decide that it is more favorable to you: to become the neurasthenic with the underestimated self-assessment (who likes to feel as second-grade goods?) or to send “dream“ to the devil`s grandmother.