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What has to be formation of the 21st century?

in Russia are actual Today various education reforms. The ministry tries both so and to so change school, enters new examinations, will transform school programs, makes amendments in organizationally - legal structure, but for some reason it turns out not better, and as always.

And maybe, it is necessary to carry out not so much changes of the scenario of examinations and formulations of laws how many to improve form of education, without ignoring at the same time a spirit of the age? What, for example, it is possible to take steps that Russian education approached an ideal?

No. 1. Objects

Parents complain that children are overloaded. School students complain that the majority of the studied objects are not necessary to them. Teachers complain that school students have no interest in their objects. What can be made? To abolish some general education objects which do not bear advantage? Recently argued with the graduate of one technical college on whether the physics in a profile humanitarian class is necessary.

“But what you are going to tell the children when they approach you with a request to help them to solve a problem?“ - his first argument was predictable. “In - the first, hardly I will be able to explain to the children even the law of gravitation, considering as unnecessary information, in - the second, by that moment as my children will go to school is quickly forgotten, the program at them will be perfect another, in - the third, already today many parents, the former excellent students, sometimes cannot cope with problems of third-graders“.

“O`key, but how about all-round development?“ - he was perplexed. “Honestly, Wikipedia and couple of movies BBC told me about physics more, than 3 years of studying at school. At school boringly and there are too much formulas - there are more interesting alternatives to learn life“. The last argument was: “But the physics puts brains in order, explains world around“. “The mathematics brings, physics - applied science. The world to me is explained by economy why to me physics?“

could be continued indefinitely. All problem is that the school program even in a profile class of a napikhan objects which are necessary to the school student only on a minimum. Instead of the same physics in socially - economy class it would be possible to enter something more useful. For example, additional hours of economy or new objects which would be actual today. From school of the 21st century it is required to teach the child to work with information, to filter it, it is reasonable to use the time. And yes Wikipedia can clog the head with information.

No. 2. Individual work with each pupil

Pupils is strong, and there are weak. Most often bad pupils “pull“ strong pupils back, thereby the second do not receive that they could in other circumstances. In turn, at weak complexes develop. As a result - neither those, nor others can realize the potential completely.

Unloading of the schedule, an opportunity to independently choose objects, differentiation on interests and abilities could optimize results as certain children, and school in general.

No. 3. Correctly placed accents

lessons at school are Today or preparation for USE / SFE, or lecture. The heads of pupils stuff with the facts which in the majority in life will not be useful to them at all. Or force to learn schemes and definitions without understanding of an essence, only for passing an examination. The knowledge per se just escapes. It does not fit at such school. And as a result on release we receive popugaychik which heard a ring and do not know where it. Process of training needs reorganization, it is necessary to put emphases on the correct, modern things.

In - the first, research activity is necessary. Teachers have to ask questions, and pupils it is not simple to find information and to download papers from the Internet, and to create the product of knowledge. That is instead of standard homeworks and templates it is better for pupils to receive tasks - pass - research works - and to work with sources, to collect and analyze information, to give own assessment, to study correctly to make out results of researches and to interact with companions and teachers. Thus the school will teach to think independently, but not templates.

In - the second, more presentations and public statements are necessary. And the presentations should not be limited to the PowerPoint file for show, they have to be full protection of a certain project before public with questions from audience. It will promote formation of communicative skills of pupils and to add them self-confidence.

In - the third, not lecture or coaching on tests, and dialogues, seminars, colloquiums have to be forms of carrying out a lesson. Unfortunately, today the pupil has the right to express only in written work. Besides almost always this essay which needs to be written strictly on a template “to be brought“ on 100 points.

It is only a minimum of how it would be worth changing school from within. Schools were created in the ancient time to extend knowledge, to open talents of pupils, to train them for adulthood. Today the school reminds prison for reason which even, except disgust and frustration, causes nothing in excellent students and Olympiad winners.

And all this is a consequence of the fact that the spirit of the age and wishes of those who directly participate in this process is ignored. It would be very desirable through 15-20 to see years really School of a new format.