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Who are we, generation 90 - x? The instruction for application of

We are children of changes, we others, and it complicates communication. However it is very simple to find a common language with us, it is only enough to make a minimum of efforts and to follow plain rules.

No. 1. It is less than empty information. Today more than ever laconicism is very much welcomed by
. If it is possible to answer any question “Yes“ or “No“, do not press in explanations if do not ask. The more sense less words - the message is better. Try to use more reality, to structurally express the thought, to repeat and not to use less banalities. Empty information acts on us as a red rag on a bull as it spends precious time and that is more terrible, creates additional information noise.

No. 2. It is less than uninvited councils. at the same time “Be not sprayed by
“ - the worst council which can be given. In the 21st century we are surrounded by so many opportunities, it is so much interesting things which were inaccessible earlier. Therefore “Be not sprayed“ sounds more as “Be locked in prison“. Certainly, to achieve success, it is necessary to concentrate on something one, but for this purpose at first it is necessary to find something special. Today it is real. And the before people “will be sprayed“, the earlier it will find the. Do not deprive of us an opportunity to study the world!

No. 3. Lamentations, complaints and gossips are not necessary. with
Especially we are irritated by reflections about that, “where the world slides and that for monsters at us grow“. In last article I already described our outlook, and the world in our eyes does not slide anywhere, and just develops (behind an exception if the senior generation inspires opposite). Lamentations, complaints, gossips - it belongs to empty information as we are dynamic and we prefer to solve problems, but not to chew them again and again.

No. 4. Not to be a xenophobe.
Should be remembered: in spite of the fact that we can love the Homeland, place where were born, all of us equally remain children of the world raised in the majority on “tolerance“ during globalization. The world as well as all its components is interesting and expensive to us. Manifestation of hatred to other nation and the country can be quite often a personal insult as borders do not exist, and ourselves - not only citizens of Russia, but also citizens of Earth.

No. 5. Not to try to control.
Imposing of the opinion, lecturing on this or that unnecessary subject, attempt to control each step and the word is an infringement of time and besides information noise. Before beginning some conversation, it is necessary “to filter“ information, having thrown out unnecessary and useless. Lectures about smoking, drugs, teenage pregnancy, perhaps, will also be useful, but believe, already many children learn it earlier, than parents decide to talk. You do not load information - it in a surplus, give heat better, listen and understand - at times it to us and is not enough.

There are simple five rules which are consolidated to simpler to two: it is impossible to encroach on time of the person in the 21st century as today it is more important, than money; also it is undesirable to make a lot of empty information. Communication has to be productive and useful. It was actual always, but today it is critically necessary. Good luck!