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Who are we, generation 90 - x? Views of the world and life of

Today on consultation on preparation for the Olympic Games the teacher of university puzzled me, having asked seemingly simple question: “I look at you, new generation, at students who sit at me on couples, on the daughter whom already 12, on school students, and me it becomes terrible.

Not from - for the fact that you are bad. You are others. You as if from other planet: other values, other behavior, other thinking. What will be farther? What you?“

can Unambiguously tell one: we are children of changes. And, moreover, the conflict of fathers and children escalates even not the fact that we grew up at other political regime, and globalization and information revolution.

We are fighters. Not cruel, not cynics, not angry. We just aspire up, on a new step. Just opportunities at us became much more: it is possible to learn any language, to go to any point of the world, to get any book, to make the friend from other country - and it is required to time for it much less, than same ten years ago. As a result, it is much simpler to rise up, than was earlier. And examples of ordinary young people who achieved unknown success by means of the Network (for example, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook who became in the 23rd youngest billionaire or Justin Bieber who became a star thanks to YouTube) set on us and give hope and incentive to work more, is better, more qualitative than others.

We are residents of two worlds. One - real which description can be passed he and so is familiar to all. Another - virtual. It is possible to object: but all will - bondage live in the Internet today. Yes, but our generation not just lives, it grew here that could not but be reflected in our mentality. I remember, the first computer in my family (for reference - the simple middle class) appeared when to me there were years 4. For the first time went on-line in 8. The first mobile phone in 10.

An early exit in an information field was strongly reflected in us. For example, if our parents do not trust the TV any more, but somehow listen to the Internet, we simply live here, without taking zaaksiy that write to Networks. Everywhere there are doubts, everything needs to be checked, to trust nothing - here our life.

The Network affected also communication languages. Know only one language, native - already “not abruptly“. We study English not for work, not for bonuses, even not to travel. English is necessary to investigate up to the end the world, to take as much as possible opportunities which are offered by the World Wide web to be aware and to be “freak“.

The trembling question - and how the real world, how friends, how a family? Actually, virtual communication did not replace real. Just like that more conveniently and quicker. Real communication is very much appreciated by us, it, unfortunately, in deficiency not only from - for the Internet, but also from - for the accelerated time. That to a family - it will revive. The majority of us really appreciates a family from - that many did not have it - too many stains. Therefore we treat the relations with an opposite sex more seriously.

We - changeable. Today we prepare, tomorrow we jump with a parachute, and the day after tomorrow we need already something new. Interests, preferences in music, political views change with an amazing speed. We easily adapt, without regret we forget yesterday, constantly we move forward. Inconstancy, to be exact flexibility, is critically necessary quality in quickly changing world. Not information which much, and time is valuable any more. It can be won, only without going in cycles in the past.

We are cosmopolitans. Such concept as “emigration“ and “immigration“, already almost does not exist in our consciousness. I will give an example. Very often arise misunderstanding from the senior generation when I say that I am going to study in the States. “You will emigrate? You plan to remain there? To obtain citizenship?“ - they ask. I answer: “No, it is simple to study. To work in Europe or Russia, to locate - where it will be pleasant“. And here their eyes are rounded, and it is necessary to explain as if to foreigners that it means. We are citizens of the world and the Network, but not some certain state. Borders - only annoying conventions which will soon disappear.

We are children of the world of Joanne Rowling. For many of us books about Harry Potter are sacred. We waited for the letter from Hogwarts, but without having waited, again plunged into the magic world, reading the book. We learned to be tolerant on the example of Hermione Granger who protected poor house elves. We learned to be on friendly terms, looking at the unseparable three. Professors and students of Hogwarts demonstrated to us that the easiest way - not always correct, and it is fair to arrive more adequately, than to care for the skin. And though we also have no Distributing Hat, but everyone understood sooner or later what of four faculties it concerns that considerably influenced the vital choice and installations.

We - others. And it is the fact. We were born in time of changes, but all - we as well as other generations, believe in good, we are on friendly terms and we love. We also read books and we seek to change the world to the best. Not in a root to break - we do not need it, and to transform, make it by more user - friendly. So the world in reliable hands - you can sleep peacefully!