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How to get confidence to the beginning driver?

Several councils to those who begin the first steps as the driver of the car.
of the Practician of driving
At first pass on foot a route of your future trip. Look round, think over as you will drive the car.
you Take the wheel at any opportunity. Even if it is necessary just to go to a bakery. Gradually increase range of distance of a trip.
Taking several detours along a habitual route, feel features of your car and its management. They say that each car has the features.
Good experience is gained if there is a desperate situation: the child needs to be taken away from music school, darling cannot drive the car because were on a visit and he slightly - slightly drank.
is good to gain skills of driving on a trip in the country, there are less obstacles.
Try to gain skill on the autodrome. It is possible to agree with the teacher of autocourses about additional classes.
Is good when the skilled and patient driver nearby. Only you should not get used to it. It is necessary to go independently and to count only on itself.
At development of skill of the parking is better to go out several times of the car and to look round - whether there is no trash can number of other car, some obstacle or, eventually. Be not afraid to look ridiculously and ridiculously. It is better, than repair of the car.
If you cannot come out to the main road from - for a steam of cars. Do not hesitate to ask the help. There will be those who will not refuse. Accurately acquire
where there is an accelerator pedal and where a brake pedal. If to be mistaken, then there are return actions. Of course, only skill of their application in the movement will help not just to press them, but to feel and merge both with pedals, and with other assistants in the movement (a wheel, speed of transfers etc.) . Critics do not have
Driving even to the skilled driver is difficult to restrain when criticize his actions. What to tell about those who just took the wheel. Especially at the beginning of the driver`s activity it is important to get rid of all who do not help, and enrage. But not everything is so simple
. Rough reaction of the passenger who is sitting next or the instructor during training, other drivers who are nervously reacting to inept actions. Almost everyone faces it. It is necessary just to be to it ready and to try to translate everything for fun: “Well you want from me - the blonde brunette? Wait, there will be Assam soon“.
to Remain quiet and sure
Remain always self-assured. Never you say that you the inexperienced driver. You - the driver accumulating experience. If you are sure by
of yourself, then and people around will be sure of you. Even if you make mistakes, will respect you because you do not panic.
to Relax
First of all, driving it is necessary to relax and conveniently to take place. To make several deep breaths and forward.
is good to Choose the
car if your car and you are pleasant each other. Sometimes happens so that just the soul does not lie to this car. But believe if you cope with the unloved car, then all other options will be to you on a shoulder.
the Small purposes
A you know that psychologists claim that fear to drive the car is a low self-assessment. They advise to set small tasks and to try to obtain them.
Small victories over themselves give force. “Today I move without breakthroughs!“. And quite so and any: “Perhaps, at me it will turn out …“, “As if to me to start …“. Surely and in the present “I Start!“. Works at subconsciousness.
If is impossible, it is possible to address the professional psychologist.
is good to sign up for courses of counteremergency driving. After training in what teach there to, it will be one many easier to go on the city.
Main to want, to set the purposes and to try to obtain its performance. If there is a desire, then any can learn!
Performance of councils how to get confidence to the beginning driver will help you when driving the car.