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How to be happy when everything is?

Being distressed about the lived part of the life, we often envy the girlfriends or simply we admonish them: “And all - what you are happy!“ Practically each of us tells

so, is not dependent on that, it has children or not whether she is married or is free, work is well paid or receives real remains. Just wishing female good luck, we do not think of a problem root. All possible proverbs saying to us that it is better where we are not also with those who not with us do not help to realize their hidden implication in any way.

The woman, it is unceasing engaged in building of own happiness, cannot stop on this mythical way in any way. At first, she builds the relations, raises feelings, cares and cherishes them, then arranges well marriage and “nest“, at the same time tries to reach career tops. This lovely creature therein does not pay attention to how it is happy now, in the course of achievement of a goal, despite failures and falling. But as soon as the imaginable limit of perfection approached, there is no nothing left, free time covers with routine dust, the constructed happiness - what to do?

The woman begins to look for novelty, moreover, she wants that its satellite looked for fresh wind together with it. Here - that and a braid on a stone. The psychology of men is absolutely opposite: having achieved that wanted, the stronger sex often relaxes to a disgrace in full confidence that to aspire there is nothing and to remake why all right the cut-out frock coat any more. Also depressive splashes in his girlfriend are not clear to the poor man, and it does not develop in his picture of the world of the requirement of new emotions, impressions when and so everything is good.

Whom to accuse? Favourite. For what? For the fact that process of construction of happy life is suspended. What to do when everything is? Here it is also necessary to envy girlfriends at whom still only begins or their infinite family scrapes do not allow them to have a rest, think that someone is happy, but not I, with someone managed destiny more safely, than with me.

Perhaps, it is just necessary to learn to see himself happy, to get used to do that to you to liking, to transfer to a rank of advantages all the and loved shortcomings and to try to protect, first of all, from itself own paradise. Look around! You are envied. Ask: why? And all therefore: better where we are absent.

Unforgettable Sophia Loren told when friends remind that to her it is already far for sixty, she cannot believe in it. It is still interesting to it to live and she is grateful to destiny for the fact that she can constantly open for herself something new. She told that if someone managed to keep in himself soul of the child, then at such person still ahead...

I wish female good luck to you, my dear!