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End of Orthodoxy? The punk - a protest!

Unceasing polemic in the highest circles, and also in the lowest, - in kitchens, proceed to this day, after a month since several little girls dressed in multi-colored scraps of fabric climbed somewhere there on a pedestal in churches … saw

Ya on the photo Internet with motley scraps of clothes, girls, something singing there. Pussi Riot, of course, crashing into the head the name. Here in an apple. Did not know that the second word means, but as it is known pay attention to the first. By the way, when studying a question, it turned out that except coming the first to mind (and correct) names, this word has the form of an adjective and it is used in translation as “Purulent“. Well the second word is known by all, and it means - the Protest. We finish with etymology and we pass to the main thing.

As just several people showed the attitude to church in the country. Showed publicly. It is impossible to speak aloud about church. I always thought - “It still why?!“ All belong formally and as correctly wrote in the Look - “Orthodoxy is a form culturally - ethnic identification“ And no more. I conduct conversation for people 30 now - years which will understand me. And for those who are more senior which will undertake courage and too will understand me.

In the most Russian culture of the rich hated always. It is an indisputable fact. Even now, when rich and honest people irritate people also strongly. But even more impudent action is enrichment of church attendants. Here Russians that is called have a roof leak. Spirituality and wealth, that is church and state, it no more than oxymoron. But when it is reality - it is wrong and bad. In Russia. The church stands up for all Russian, sacred, but such impression that Bottoms, deacons and the others at a leisure watch the American movies where in church, as we know, all with humour, a smile where people laugh on service and sing smiling where Holy Fathers live in beautiful houses and drive good cars. Even if managers of church also like such situation, to change sharply at us in the country - it will not pass. Though personally so would arrange me. I do not like to go to church, though orthodox and baptized. There it is sad and sad, rich bottoms there, languid persons for some reason do, there you See instead of mildness and desire to help, expensive candles and, I apologize, well-fad men, in black clothes though I know that the post is intended not for a weight set.

Church and state …. As it is known they at us are divided. Formally naturally, as well as a lot of things at us in the country. The head of church whom show on the TV every day, and in the company the highest state. Ranks, - it was seen by nobody and ever. That is the highest church rank had a desire to become the important media person. From where it undertook to me it is unknown, but it seems to me that huge influence of television, the Patriarch uses not on business. For example, it is not pleasant to me that he began to comment literally on all parties of the state life. It begins to irritate. And in general, what now happens in society in relation to church is called intensity. And as to me sees, at further developments in this way, more than thousand-year history of church should be finished.

I consider, and is absolutely serious that promotion of church as public institute, it is possible. In Russia, at least, it is possible under the following circumstances. As if I did not like America, with its naglyushchy international policy, but as there go to church on Saturdays, - me on - soul. I would go to such church. With friends. Present, there came fat Pop by the foreign car, we would sing couple of songs, helped can council what, all cheerful dispersed. For Russian - it is even close, the priest - as the relative. A basis of church also is to unite people and to do them happy. It is not pleasant to me to look at unfortunate flock in the scarfs giving money for ceremonies I do not like on taste the lit water for money. Are not pleasant to me that cellars of church and other spaces are leased for drunk rich people who for certain laugh at supporters of actions against Pussi, clinking glasses with glasses …