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How to get to Heaven. New adventures of a burro of News agency - News agency

Somehow time Blame - Down and his friend Piglet decided to visit the old familiar burro of News agency - News agency. A burro, without having sustained a difficult life in England, emigrated not where - nibud to Bali, and to Russia. In old kind England the News agency - constantly was not lucky News agency. The tail will lose, about birthday all friends will forget. And so he wanted to get there where ever and nothing vanishes and where nobody forgets anything. In a word, the burro began to look for the paradise place on the planet and found.

Somehow time, being grazed on an ancient English meadow near Yorkshire, News agency - News agency saw the brochure rumpled, possibly forgotten by someone from tourists in which red on white it was written:

“If there is on Earth paradise, then it is in Non-Black Earth Region“. And the picture still there was: small angels go down on an inscription: “it is paid from an election fund gr. Ivashkina“.

Also imagined News agency - News agency this most mysterious Non-Black Earth Region. Where paradise birdies and where always warm and not hot summer, but fall, the spring and winter are absent at all sing. And where will always remember when at a burro birthday and to give beautiful and expensive gifts. And mysterious gr. Ivashkina will be with angels on shoulders there.

Also the donkey submitted the application on entrance. And right there allowed it. And he left. And when left, marveled how many to the people stood in customs on departure, and on entrance there was only it one.

Also the burro of News agency - News agency a board of “Aeroflot“ departed. Also fattened him there. Also let out in the mysterious place under the name “Sheremetevo“.

- Hey, settled, - he heard, having left the air terminal building. - Where we go?

Looked at News agency - News agency on a source of a sound and saw the beaver with a gold chain on a neck twisting car keys on a finger.

- I would like to get to Non-Black Earth Region - paradise, - in broken Russian the burro answered.

- Now you will get. - a beaver - bombed looked at him with undisguised interest. - Intourist. Well, well … taxi

I, having screamed all four tires and one spare, disappeared behind the horizon, taking away the English burro in the better life.

And meanwhile Blame - Down and Piglet gathered on a visit to a burro. They among themselves agreed that if the burro lives in this mysterious Non-Black Earth Region as in paradise, then and they too there will move.

The boring English wood rather cloyed.

Aeroflot, a beaver with a gold chain. “To a donkey? I will bring quickly in five seconds“! Nechernozemshchina. Fairy land.

- Well - that as, - stretched Blame - Down, having left a taxi. - And air - that what! Not that at us in Yorkshire.

- Oh. - Piglet told, - here a can. And here one more. And here bottles! Winnie, what is it?

is a garbage, - the burro of News agency - News agency sadly answered Piglet, having suddenly appeared from - for a bush. - To it it is just necessary to get used and try not to notice it.

- Hau - I blow - du, a burro - greeted Blame - Down. - And where your tail?

- The beaver took away. In payment for. At me was not enough for a taxi. Who knew that here a taxi as at us the royal carriage - the burro was bent. - Still the beaver wanted to cut off ears, but I hoofs beat off. Now promises friends to send from the pond. On the counter put. Well, and for the rest, everything is normal. Here went to elections.

- And for whom voted, - took an interest Blame - Down.

- Yes who knows it. For whom local donkeys voted, for that and I. Yes what difference! Blame, take away me from here! - The donkey roared already even not by an asinine voice.

Piglet clamped ears from a fright.

- I want home. To Yorkshire. I do not need more gifts on birthday. I am ready to refuse empty pots and the burst balls. And even to leave the tail here forever. Only take away me though as - nibud. Though carcass. Though effigy. Here all take me for a donkey. And I am a burro. Winnie, you know!

The burro of News agency - News agency all roared and roared. And Blame - the Down reflected meanwhile how to transport a donkey imperceptibly through border and to select his tail at a beaver.

And Piglet collected garbage in small groups. He all - wanted that mysterious Non-Black Earth Region turned into paradise. As in that brochure with angels