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Dog in the house - advantage or harm? Remember

what the Kid from the tale of “Carlson who lives on a roof“ dreamed of... About a dog. Real, live, not toy. With shining eyes and a moist black nose, wagging a tail and faithfully looking in eyes.

Probably, you will not find any child who would refuse such gift - from the living, real friend. Our children faithfully look to us in the face, promise good marks, excellent behavior, if only their dream - the real dog came true.

Around keeping of pets in houses where there live children, many disputes are conducted. There is a category of people at all rejecting stay of quadrupeds and people under the same roof. They reason the position with the fact that for an animal leaving is necessary; in the house where there lives a dog, there is a specific smell of dog wool; also fleas, worms and all diseases which are transmitted from animals to people are possible.

Whether so it? Making the decision to get a dog for the child, we make the decision not for one day. An animal not a toy of which we will be able to get rid when it bothers us, not a thing which we can throw out as superfluous, and the living being. Therefore before making a canine friend, it is necessary to weigh all pros and cons, to estimate a level of responsibility and only after that to make the decision, being guided not by a momentary rush, having seen darling a shchenochka, and sober mind, this puppy once will become an adult dog.

So if you together with the child (he, but not you will be an owner of a dog) all - made up the mind to so responsible step which means not only games and walks, but also leaving, bathing and other necessary procedures for care of an animal, it is necessary will decide on the breed choice. You should not get for the child dogs of large, combative and aggressive breeds - alaby, a St. Bernard, a Rottweiler etc. Stop the choice on breed of the peace, mobile, easily giving in to training and small sizes. Study information on this breed, take an interest at acquaintances - can be, someone held such dog and can tell about her habits, character and habits. Decide on a sex of an animal.

In advance prepare everything in the house for appearance of the new inhabitant. Take care of ware for a forage and water, several options of a forage, a hairbrush for wool, the place where the animal will have a rest, a collar and a lead. After everything will be ready, business it will be necessary for small - to wait for appearance of a dog on a threshold of your house.

Psychologists declare that the child who declares desire to get a dog as the personality develops harmoniously and wholly. The dog will help it to mature, become more responsible and more built, now to it is for whom to care. Walks with a dog in the fresh air it is useful outdoor games with a dog - excellent physical warm-up and training for the growing organism influence development of a children`s organism, and. The child who realizes that he not one that it has a friend, adapts in society easier behaves in the company of peers more surely, it is easy and is not held down behaves among children. The fear, concern, a depression - all these problems disappear if your child has a reliable loyal friend.

Right after emergence in the house of a dog it needs to be shown to the veterinarian, to give glistogonny, to process wool from fleas, to do necessary vaccination. All these procedures need to be carried out periodically even if the dog looks healthy. It is better to warn a problem, than to solve. That the specific smell of dog wool was not caught, the dog is recommended to be bathed special shampoos. After walk the animal of a paw that in the house it was pure needs to wash.

At the beginning while the child accustoms with the new friend and obligations for care of it, parents it is worth helping it with it in every possible way. But gradually, over time the owner of a dog himself has to begin to look after her. Caring for the living being, your child develops not only physically, but also emotionally. It has a sense of responsibility, he learns what is love, friendship, compassion.

It is possible to discuss, adduce long arguments of pros and cons of keeping of a dog in the house, but I do not know any child who, having a canine friend, would be cruel and angry. I do not know any person in whose house there lives a dog which could offend weak. If the person is able yours faithfully, with love and care to treat an animal, then in the relations with people such person will have no problems too.

The care of weak dumb animals does us stronger and kinder.