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FN 303. What problems are solved by a police air rifle?

of FN 303 are an intermediate means between the firearms and means used usually in a contact zone (a bludgeon, a barrel with tear gas, the stun gun), such modernized paintball “sharikoplyuvatel“ optimized under police needs.

Appearance is quite unusual. The multicharging air rifle is more similar to the PPSh - 41 submachine gun of times of World War II from - for round shop. Shoots gas from the barrel attached on the left side of the weapon. One barrel is enough for 100 full-fledged shots. Aim devices - a front sight and tselik sliding, can develop when using an optical or collimator sight. On a receiver there is Pikatinni`s level for installation of a collimator sight or other accessories. The safety lock is automatic, it is located ahead of a trigger, is similar to MR established on the Russian air rifle - 514K. There is such thingummy about 900 dollars, to ordinary citizens, it seems, is not on sale though on videos on the Internet saw how it is bought in usual weapon shop.

“FN 303 - the autoloading pneumatic weapon of nonlethal action developed by the Fabrique Nationale d`Herstal company. Charges of FN 303 collapse at blow, thereby eliminating risk of the getting wound... FN 303 is very exact at distance in 25 meters. At distance in 50 meters it has a good chance to get to a growth figure. Maximum range of firing of FN of 303 - 100 meters“ (Wikipedia).

the Main advantage of FN 303 - range, unprecedented for the traumatic weapon, - 100 m (is 10 times farther, than the best Russian travmatik). By the way, the inscription on a box of “LESS LETHAL LAUNCHER“ translates the machine translator as “less deadly launcher“ and it, in my opinion, more precisely, than the formulation from Wikipedia: “the weapon of nonlethal action“ as mortal wounds when firing from this weapon are possible too. Energy of a charge is limited to 30 J that is three times less than the traumatic weapon resolved today for simple citizens (to 91 J for Russia). However in the instruction attached to the weapon the producer calls treats FN 303 as to firearms and to observe all appropriate measures of safety. It is highlighted that “Use of system on defeat should not be carried out for punishment“.

Taktiko - technical characteristics of FN 303:

Weight, kg: 2,3 (not equipped), 2,7 (with the loaded shop).
Length, mm: 740.
Boss: 18 mm, nonlethal charges.
Calibre, mm: 18 (0,68 inches).
Principles of work: autoloading, pneumatics.
Initial speed of a bullet, m/s: 85-91.
Maximum range, m: to 70 (effective).
Type of ammunition supply: drum shop on 15 charges; a cylinder with compressed air approximately on 100 shots.

Source: Wikipedia .

Problems which are solved it not by(with) absolutely conventional weapons:

1. Stop of the aggressive, but unarmed person or group of persons.

2. Convoy of the aggressive person or group of persons.

3. Supervision and protection of controlled areas during mass riots.

4. “Marking“ of objects or people special paint.

5. Removal from a system of other purposes, for example, destruction of windows or “dissecting“ of light sources.

For transportation and storage the weapon is easily displayed on four parts:

1. Butt with a receiver and the pistol handle.

2. The trigger mechanism and a trunk with the forward plastic triangular handle and a trunk.

3. A gas cylinder from which gas the weapon shoots.

4. Round shop on 15 bullets.

Shells (bullets) for this peculiar weapon happen three types.

1. Just bullets for trainings and traumatic influence. Represent the hemispherical plastic cover with a diameter of 18 mm filled with small fraction and the special “skirt“ filled with nontoxical liquid which stabilizes flight of a bullet in air. At hit in an obstacle (for example, the person) the plastic cover breaks, transferring energy without drawing serious injuries.

2. Marker. The plastic cover is thinner, than on shot bullets, and is filled with dye. Happen to indelible paint and washed away.

3. The poisoning action. The cover is filled with the irritating substance which at hit on skin causes intolerable pain, practically paralyzing the person.

The type of a charge is chosen depending on a situation. In the winter effective range of traumatic action strongly decreases.

The weapon in 2005 in Iraq was widely tested and showed fine results. After that it came on arms of special forces of police and to system of protection of correctional facilities in the United States. To distinguish from firearms, in some states of FN 303 it is delivered brightly - orange color.

Except the semi-automatic gun, more compact option - FN 303P, the gun with effective range of defeat to 25 m also was developed for arms of police officers and military. Instead of a gas cylinder of FN 303P uses disposable capsules of the compressed gas. Charges for FN 303P are completely identical to charges for the gun FN 303.

After a use of weapons in real police special operations and receiving positive responses the Fabrique Nationale d`Herstal firm received a set of orders from departments of police of the European states. For assault divisions even the compact subbarrelled option which is putting on under a trunk of a fighting assault rifle as, for example, the subbarrelled grenade launcher was made.

And in some countries of FN 303 is on sale in usual weapon shops as the self-defense weapon. By the way, very effective weapon!