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To whom is it necessary, this Russian written? About advantage of a graphomania

It seems so to me, or the people became very illiterate? Neither ranks, nor ranks, nor age, nor a floor - nothing establishes limits of this illiteracy. However, to what to be surprised, everything is explainable.

People early enough ceased to write to old times. At school it was necessary to be competent - for observance of rules of the five put. You will gain the diploma about the higher education - and farewell, the weapon!

Behind walls of higher education institution the book especially were not necessary (unless only to have a good time the next “Eternal call“ in the thick magazine?) especially ability to write. In other log hut if children of school age are not found, - and a writing-book leaf you will not find that to scratch a note, type: “I on the estate, tyapat potato“. And just it is more convenient to bark that information rushed from the posad red on the posad deaf.

Writers, journalists, subspecies - rabselkor, scientific in castles in the air were a written class, naturally. Oh, authors of protocols are militiamen in single-breasted coats gray (in parallel - writers in white dressing gowns, authors of stories of diseases). Volnolyubtsa - violators of discipline, creators romantic explanatory. A trifle everyone - producers of documentation on any meetings and meetings: Komsomol organizers are party organizers, the elective and employed secretaries...

The main type of writing for masses was - correspondence with the family. The mobile phone occupied this niche now and ringtonit from there. That the daughter of the brother marries we learn not from personally delivered invitation, and from a profile of a plemyashka of VKontakte. In the same place and photos of future relative we will look. We will be run on a wall - pogrusty from children`s ability to use foul language without cause...

Yes, so about writing and literacy. Or rather, about writing in a broad sense, about readiness to pour out the thoughts on public in the form of more or less coherent text. Now such composing people - darkness, darkness and darkness. Nuggets come across - to read yes to re-read.

Up to that moment I suffer about one blogersha, at a certain moment which incidentally flew in ShZh. It seems, that feechka was called Lidochka? As wrote! Both came to mind - and it poured out, drunk, the spontaneous speech that is called. Brilyant the purest water, after a meeting with it in a dzhoysova of “Ulisse“ you see not a method, and a mirror.

And that still there was a poetess from Odessa - at is yellow - a green avatar. Ours - local - (snobs!) chayanno or unintentionally offended her - and she was annihilated, it is so a pity. Whether I managed to kopirnut its verse on Pushkin Natali?.

But this lyrical digression, brought.

So, in the USSR writers were available much, but it is less, than now, - labor-consuming, unlike present, there was a process of the writing, without speaking about the edition. That is, all that illiterate and semiliterate that quietly forgot about language norms and rules, styles and methods behind a threshold of school or higher education institution, - without writing quietly lived. They were readers.

The side between writing and a chitatelstvo was accurate as the Berlin wall.

Now readers - also writers. Sit in the Network and write. There are tutochka, in ShZh, sit and write: on grams of that ore that the Internet - the magazine gets to releases, archival deposits from tons of dead rock have.

So the reason of the illiteracy growth described in the initial paragraph - and the corresponding sufferings grammar - puritans about damage of language - it is simple - naprosto in growth of a demand of Russian written. These changes are caused by practice. If 80 percent Russian-speaking prefer to count coffee on average a sort - so it and will be, and let other percent will shut up. And a soft sign in “will shut up“ irrespective of a context it is necessary to put if this zakhonut (so!) 80 percent.

But we making these most insignificant 20 percent will come to read texts of a legion of the new glorified writers. Both we will read, and we will tell them: “Coffee - a masculine gender! And “zakhonut“ - it is not style of the author, but his illiteracy“. Also be washed - justify, Bolsheviks!

I like these processes. No, not coffee on average a sort is pleasant, and process of an involvement of masses into creation of texts. People is pleasant to write - here that remarkably.

Decrease in average literacy goes due to growth of a demand of Russian written. A written language - all a new step in comparison with language oral. That to tell something - it is not even necessary to think. To write - it is necessary to think.

What was described by Pushkin the mere mortal is capable to feel:

... And thoughts in the head worry in courage, rhyme
I lungs towards to them run,
I fingers ask to a feather, a feather to paper,
Minute - and verses will freely begin to flow...

I is felt let, and let realize the rushes and feelings, let written - they do what is pleasant to them and that is not forbidden by the law.

I had to this text a good epigraph. Appeal of other our classic, Sergey V. Vorobyov: “Write better!“. Minutes of reflections later thought again: corresponds to a text essence short and incentive more: “Write!“ Write

- write, friends! You will be mistaken with commas or with what zhy - shy - kind people will help, navtykat so that on - Albanian forget to gutarit.