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About ability to appreciate that you have

Eternal search. Run. Vanity. Everything, on extremely measure, many, people seek for achievement of the purposes in life. For someone material values, external attributes of successful life, for someone - moral values, such as a family, the harmonious relations and ability are priority not only to accept, but also to give. Each to their own, but it is quite good to remember that money and what can be got thanks to them as practice shows, does not guarantee to their owner of happiness, sincere harmony, perhaps. Money gives the chance to develop, study, to travel, provide the daily requirements, they, nice pieces of paper, give freedom of the movement on life, but besides do not guarantee tranquility internal to which many of us so desperately aspire.

Everything in life is learned in comparison, for example, how it is possible to come from the sea or any other vacation spot, complaining of fatigue?! It is silly. The person specially goes to the place intended for rest of soul and a body, and comes back dissatisfied. So only the people who are not able to appreciate and realize what have can arrive. As a rule, it is characters to whom since the birth everything is presented on a silver platter, for whom various difficulties, the people who did not learn taste of life are solved. And absolutely fairly clever person, Omar Khayyam, told in due time: “Fight gives taste of life in a dream and to Java as pepper salt give taste of food“. Many see confirmations of these words in the lives, on examples of vital stories of the companions. Fortunately or unfortunately, are able to appreciate what have (though can seem to superficially conceiving people what to thank - life you have nothing) only the people who worried and adequately last vital difficulties, sometimes deprivations. The people who endured pain, learned to suffer it is also resistant, without betraying itself and without running roughshod over other`s feelings, to continue to go forward and all - to achieve goals. Also you should not argue on “universal“ injustice supposedly “why everything is given someone since the birth, and someone should fight every day for the place in the sun“:

- in - the first, nobody promised that will be easy;

- in - the second, everything has the price and the back;

- in - the third, reflections about injustice of life are a certain type of envy, and this feeling, except destruction of soul and bad mood, will give nothing to the owner.

Each of us has in life something for what we can be grateful and rejoice to what we have. Every day life it is unique and unique, and our life is not so infinite as it can sometimes seem. Parents, a family, friends - here that in life is really important, they should be loved, to respect, once again to tell the kind word, to embrace.

Even if you are healthy today, but do not live in the palace of which dream; your relatives nearby, but today at you are problems with money or on the contrary - you “live in clover“, but to soul is not quiet - be able to be grateful for the fact that you have - at someone even shares of what you have - no. Of course it is never worth remembering that it is impossible to be given. To see the purpose and to go to it. If was given, did not sustain, then for the sake of what then tried and fought before?!

Today it is live, today it is healthy, today you have an opportunity to go the legs, today near you there is at least one person who needs you and who is necessary to you - it is already the reasons for pleasure and gratitude.

For happiness it is necessary - to learn to notice not so much all that is near and to be able to compare. And ability it, - one of vital for each person, even that which does not realize it so far.