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To be an egoist... it is necessary! Why?

In the people do not love egoism. Shameful diagnosis “Egoist!“ it is taken out to everyone who dares to have desires, is able to tell “no“ or puts own interests above strangers. As a result of such education adults all life live “for others“.

There is no mother and the father for a long time, and the person continues to work because it “is necessary“ (to whom it is necessary?) . Often to the detriment of own health.

To have a rest in general it is considered a bad form. Only the idler is able to afford rest. And all normal people work. So there passes all life. And where - nibud, in the evening of life, oppressive questions appear: “Why lived?“, “What good saw?“, “What achieved?“, “For what suffered, worked?“, etc.

Egoism - the behavior entirely determined by thought of own advantage, benefit when the individual puts the interests above interests of others (Wikipedia). Approximately each reasonable person can give such definition. However not everyone understands and accepts such concept as reasonable egoism. Reasonable egoism is an ability to live own interests, without contradicting interests of others. As they say, feel a difference!

And I dare to claim that to each of us it is vital to be the reasonable egoist!

Why it is good to be the reasonable egoist?

Because such egoist is able to understand and grant the desires. What regularly also practices. And it means, he is a happy person. And the one who is happy in himself sows pleasure around, but not melancholy and a gloom.

the Reasonable egoist is able to understand and grant not only the desires, but also desires of people around. And, unlike not the egoist (or the unreasonable egoist), expects nothing in exchange. Made a good deed, threw it into the river and forgot! It is pleasant to deal with such person!

the Egoist is able to tell “no“ when the situation develops inconveniently. By the way, he for it is respected. Refusal means: “I will not be able to satisfy your request properly“. But the consent means: “Everything will be made in the best possible way! “. You represent how it is pleasant when comply with your request at the personal desire? And what as a result quality? Much better and above what is made on internal coercion: “I have to be good“! In fact, not help is given, and proved “õîðîøåñòü“. And it as practice shows, a big difference.

If the person is able to tell “no“, then he is able and to accept refusal. Sensibly, with understanding, without claims and offenses. That is it is allowed to interlocutor of the egoist to have the desires, most to weigh and make decisions. It is very pleasant.

By the way, the hero of this description sometimes puts the desires above desires of people around. And it, in turn, designates that it exists for itself(himself), but not for someone. He will manage to execute all the affairs and intentions in this life. And he is never tormented by a question: “Why did?“ or “Why lived?“. For himself lived and did! For, equally, not for nothing. This feeling is worth a lot.

the Internal knowledge is “not for nothing“ capable to inspire any for great acts. As opposed to eternal “in vain“ the one who tries to please all. The sensible member of society does not feel painful pain from the eternal choice: to or someone. Just knows when it is ready to offer the interests, and when there is no. And everything at it so harmoniously leaves, all right, Ljubo - expensively to look!

the Egoist is a person who loves himself. Present how it is exciting to live in love always! But there is more to come. The one who loves himself is able to love also other people. And it means, people around of the reasonable egoist are at least surrounded with his kind relation. As at most - love.

Here also it turns out that the reasonable egoist is the happy and harmonious person in everything. So become egoists, and there will be to you life with pleasure - in pleasure, but not in burden!