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Bruce Lee and “Dragon Exit“. How the last decisive battle took place?

In the history of cinema, alas, are a lot of cases when its stars left us at peak of the popularity. Andrey Mironov, Heath Ledger, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean... These people shone so brightly that their light, like far gloss of real-life space stars, through time reaches present generation of the audience.

The legendary master of kuna - faugh, the actor and the director of fighting scenes Bruce Lee left this world in the blossoming of a physical and creative power at the age of incomplete 33 years. At tragic and still until the end of not found out circumstances. The tape “Dragon Exit“ (1973) - its latest full and finished work at cinema, became the first and only movie of Li shot in Hollywood and today it is considered a cult sample of a genre.

… The adherent of the monastery Shaolin, the master of martial arts Li, learns from the teacher about existence certain traitor Khan who, contrary to precepts, broke an oath and now applies the skills in indecent business. According to the intelligence data, the bastard Khan redeemed the island in vicinities of Hong Kong, constructed unapproachable fortress there and quietly trades in drugs and slaves, time in three years arranging hand-to-hand fights tournament. Li famous for the heightened sense of justice tearfully ask to accept the invitation to participation in this secret action and to find out true occupations of Khan, and also destiny of Chinese woman Mae Lin sent on the island as the spy. Additional incentive for the fighter is also the fact that the death of his sister occurred because of the personal bodyguard Khan, the villain by the name of Okharra.

Together with Li to mysterious tournament there arrive also other participants: the loveful and straightforward Black Williams, the hitropopy American Roper who left in the homeland a heap of debts and angry creditors and the faceless, but disgusting karateka from New Zealand. The owner Khan accepts all of them with a pomp, according excessively hospitable welcome with dances, exotic food and nice girls. And while Williams and Roper enjoy free binge and sex, Li goes to a night sortie.

Having learned that his guests hang around at night and meekly mutuzit security guards, Khan bares the true essence, suggesting each of participants of tournament to enter its illegal underground business. However nobody responded to an appeal, and then the vain Khan enraged by refusal orders to the people to hammer ungrateful to death …

During a video boom era in our country the rare video salon did in the repertoire without movies with Bruce Lee`s participation. Such tapes as “Furious fist“, “The big boss“ and “Way of a dragon“, turned in the former utility rooms and shashlik houses without stopping, generating new inflow of interest in a subject of martial arts. The main heroes of these tapes, “knights without fear and reproach“, performed by a lean, brawny korotysh of Li enjoyed improbable popularity on an equal basis with purely Hollywood images of supermen (Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Norris). And it is absolutely not casual that the “Dragon Exit“ removed by the American director was closest and clear to our viewer exhausted with long years of a ban on scope of karate and kuna - faugh at movie theaters.

Certainly, from a position of day present, the plot of a tape of Robert Klauz is naive just to a stupor and represents a set of terry stamps about fight of the stubborn and staunch fighter against the universal evil in a type of separately taken bastard. Dialogues and the subject courses of different degree of wretchedness look absolutely amateurish against the brilliant, amazing fights put personally by Bruce Lee. Considering its incredible contribution to creation of the movie, his name could flaunt rightfully near Klauz, but such is policy of the western producers. Everyone has to go about the own business.

Klauz understanding prospects of the chosen genre also realized that the name of Bruce Lee for the American viewer is unfamiliar and to rely on the Chinese actor would be a mistake. Therefore to it in partners found a star of a local manner, John Saxon (“A nightmare on Vyazov Street“). The last, despite existence of a black belt on karate, was obviously more liquid the invoice, than Chuck Norris (“A way of a dragon“), but nevertheless had bigger weight in eyes at female audience. The debutant, the black fighter Jim Kelly for whom his first experience in big cinema became a wreath of all career became the third nominal hero of “the Dragon Exit“.

Certainly, only Bruce Lee mattered in a shot, and thank God this fact did not evaporate from the head of producers. In spite of the fact that the laconic Chinese out of fighting scenes changed a droplet, equal in fight to him was not. It is amusing that on a shooting stage of a picture many future stars of a genre were lit. Bruce carries out the first fight with the well-fad monk (this scene of a dosnyala after the main material at the request of Li) who was played Itself by Hongg Kam - Bo, one of the most picturesque Hong Kong actors and directors of kuna - faugh a genre 80 - x-90 - x.

The spiteful robust fellow Bolo, a personal Cerberus of Khan, famous Bolo Yeng, a star of a huge number of second-grade fighters, including with Jean`s participation - Claude Van Damme represented on the screen (“Bloody sport“, “Double blow»). Not to mention that, in a shot the injured noses Yuengya Ceng, Tony Liu, Wei Tongga (“Abruptly welded“ Jonah Wu) and famous Jackie Chan flash. To the last from Li got really (in a scene of a mass fight in Li`s cellar incidentally put in it a stick on the person) then Bruce it is oath promised Jackie Chan that he will invite him in all the subsequent movies. Unfortunately, Bruce did not keep the word, without having lived up to a premiere of the film only 3 weeks.

Many shots of “the Dragon Exit“ dispersed on quotes. What at the time of shootings saw everything next kuna - faugh - a category B boyevichok as a result of ridiculous death of Bruce Lee turned nearly into the cult movie. At the end of 80 - x in Soyuzpechati`s booths it was possible to get calendar cards on which Bruce from nunchaka in hands or with a raspolosovanny press was represented. And the scene in the mirror room still is considered unsurpassed. Not for nothing decorators paved more than 8000 mirrors on a shooting stage.

Certainly, as well as any movie of a genre an action with the superhero at the head, “the Dragon Exit“ abounds with mistakes and stretches at which especially strainedly conceiving faultfinders like to carp. As though without understanding that the main thing in Robert Klauz`s picture is not symmetry of a plot or right motivation of characters at all, and improbable, mad dance of the genius for the sake of which all this also was started. Bruce Lee`s legend continues to live on the screen, giving us the chance to enjoy greatness and unique skill of the real star.