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Astrology - science or religion?

the Famous astrologer S. A. Vronsky in the book “Astrology: superstition or science?“ wrote that the personality submits to laws of space and is under the influence of space factors which form features of temperament of the person. Having paraphrased a question of the astrologer, I did not break any concepts as the superstition is closely connected with religiousness where one follows from another.

As science astrology can be presented by means of one of the main components - astronomies. Also precisely astrology can be carried also to religion as one of fundamental in mystical religious interpretation. We now will also show this part of astrology on the example of traditional religious sacraments, such as a post.

That the church post exerts positive impact on all human body and it is similar to medical starvation, it is not necessary to prove now, long ago all know about it. But this “exposure“ of one of the main church sacraments which is pulled out from a complete religious canon belittled value of church in life of society when the religion formed also public morals.

The religion always was and there is the main “textbook of life“ for the most part of the population of the planet as all knowledge of ancient doctrines is invested in religious philosophy. We can see this phenomenon now when in the field of the broken-up state as mushrooms after a rain, thousands of different sects grow. Disputes of religious fanatics on value of religion and their opponents - “discordant“ from science, take away from a quiet philosophical reasoning on the importance of separate elements of religion aside.

Meanwhile the religion long time exerted the impact on formation of the state and society, hiding this influence behind symbolism of religious sacrament. We know now that character of the person depends on mixture of four types of temperament. Also it is formed not only in the conditions of the education received by the person, but also in the conditions of a surrounding landscape where astrology plays one of the leading roles.

The post is one of mechanisms which serves for restoration and maintenance of physiological qualities not only the certain person, but also the whole state by means of an adjustable child-bearing. The post is not only abstention from consumption of some separate food product, the post includes also requirements of abstention from the sexual relations between spouses.

Thus, the specified restrictions in the birth of posterity influenced congenital features of the mental beginning of the person, and society with qualities, necessary during this period, was formed. For example, the Lent which goes now forbids the sexual relations from February 27 to April 14. And it means that dates are from November 27 to January 14 blocked from the birth of children.

There is a restriction of birth rate of Sagittariuses and Capricorns who are limited on dates of birth. Astrology gives to all people born under this or that zodiac sign, the corresponding characteristics which indicate a psychophysical condition of the person. Those days which influence, according to “observers“, on character of the person will be negative are blocked by a post.

It is also possible to track also with other days of a post where the Petrovsky post which is beginning from the Trinity and coming to an end on July 12 limits the birth of children under signs of the Aries and Fishes, directing the birth of these children for certain days. The Dormition Fast lasting from August 14 to August 27 and the Nativity Fast lasting from November 28 to January 6 block the “zones of a child-bearing“ in an annual calendar.

Thus, it is possible to present visually participation of church in creation of society with specifically set characteristics which are described to us by a “heavenly round dance“ in the form of an individual horoscope. The church does not advertize this participation in formation of society (and it is not obliged to do it), having provided interpretation of the doctrines to rabbis, pastors and other priests of different religions.

Therefore the religion does not need to be considered as any “obscurantism“ fooling the people when it comprises worldly wisdom. On the same basis astrology could be identified with science when many years the Academy of Sciences is engaged in processes of ethnic development and ethnic forecasting. The ethnic picture of the world on the tracing is difficult and various.

Genrik Korneley of Flu is the medieval astrologer, describing the Universe, distributes it on certain kingdoms and provinces which are directed by separate zodiac signs. For example, under influence of Saturn and the Capricorn the states of Macedonia, France, Illiniya, India, Ariana from which many are in Asia Minor get. This ethnic forecasting of the Middle Ages? And why is also not present?

Who is able to combine this division, that can understand great Prophecies and Oracles for the future of each of these countries, the astrologer specifies. History of medieval Europe passed in fight of the temporal and spiritual power when the clergy reached large victories. The whole countries got under control of clergy, and a ruling layer was the Clergy which replaced kings and emperors, waged wars and exterminated heretics.

Today other society founded on other, not religious morals when no restrictions work and Ilya the prophet does not fire the arrows for a vrazumleniye of suffering sinners any more. Today it is possible to see how little clairvoyants are born, yasnoslyshashchy, but where will give these abilities of carriers “unknown», it is difficult to tell.

Perhaps, they will join ranks of different prophets and contactors, experts of a chenniling, a lath, a rebyofing and other nonconventional specialties which name it is difficult to utter.

So religion or science astrology which includes both science, and religion, but is not either that, or another? It is higher because is part of philosophy of the universe.