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With whom successful sale begins?

Successful sale begin with that person who actually and sells goods or offers service. Due to the big changes in economy of Russia - the accession to the World Trade Organization, a possible second wave of crisis, and in psychology of buyers, arose new realities of business and sales. If you want that your business prospered and expanded the share of the market, it is important to realize that is forbidden to be pressed on the buyer and the time of scarce consciousness already sank into oblivion.

At scarce consciousness of people looked for goods or service and it was ready to suffer any relation if only to buy that it is necessary for it. Today the new competitive consciousness of the buyer is born, and he is not ready to suffer the low-quality attitude towards himself and towards the requirements, and also expectations regardless of the cost of the acquired goods.

The competitive consciousness of the buyer generates new standards of sales which need to be known to become the Successful Seller. Earlier the seller is a person who sold goods or services, it is the consultant, the partner, the personality now. Its tasks - to give help to the client, to make recommendations about an occasion of purchase and councils, to create emotional comfort at all stages of sale and to bring the transaction to a successful completion.

For the seller it is important to create skills of maintaining the transaction (sale) from before - a selling stage to a post - a selling stage, successfully realizing a sale stage. To create skills of successful sales it is necessary to understand, the first that moves the seller in work. If the seller works if only to pretend that he works, and does not want to be proud of the fact that he does, such seller will not be able to become Successful and to bring success and development in business.

The second to teach sellers of the “Clients for the Rest of Life or Gold Clients (the Clients Making 80% of Profit of the Company)“ technology for creation of loyal clients in any segment of the market. It is especially important to create a gold pool of clients in the Luxury segment (the VIP - sales).

The third to exempt the seller from negative states and internal barriers, and also barriers and barriers in contact establishment, active hearing, interception of an initiative, management of communication, completion of the transaction and transfer of the client to the new status “regular customer“.

The fourth to create internal motivation which will work a long time and messages of the seller to result and profit.

The fifth to open in himself internal state “the Successful Seller“.

Of course, an important factor of creation of “the Successful Seller“ of a product or service it is necessary to consider feature of mentality of residents, the region, country, and also a habit, culture and nuances of communication at the different levels of a social ladder.

Only “the Successful Seller“ will be able to create motivation to acquire goods from the client or to conclude the bargain, using the ability to understand and hear the hidden needs of the client. For the consultant for sales it is necessary to learn to reveal the hidden needs of clients by means of modern psychological the technician of communication. But there is a problem! When the consultant faces negative behavior of the client, often does not understand how it is necessary to behave and how to hold contact, thereby, generating the conflict.

The conflict with clients always begins from - for inability of the seller to reveal the hidden needs and expectations of the client, inabilities it is correct to inform the client (to keep balance in exchange of information and providing information to clients), and also permissions of already created negative situation. And how many your company loses money from - for inabilities to resolve the conflict at a stage of its origin?

Important to understand, realize and experience that purchase and sale are a pleasure and only ignorance, the inability or internal negativism does not allow to lead themselves and the company to success.

Today it is heavy to be the seller, the consultant for sales. It is not enough one knowledge of a product, it is necessary to understand other person, to see his requirements and to operate emotions and feelings.

Many heads and owners of the companies think that employees need to be sent for trainings and training in the form of an award or “for merits before the company“. Such option of development of the situation is possible, but as far as it is effective? As practice shows, it is necessary to train all employees and is constant if there is a desire to develop and do successful business. During training it becomes visible at once who is ready to work and bring success and money in the company and to whom it is time to say goodbye already now.