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Saint Valentin`s mission: it is actual or a yesterday`s century?

Tuesday. Morning. A cup of fragrant coffee and a plate slightly overroasted a toast. Ahead the unlucky working day similar on yesterday and most likely for tomorrow. The uncompromising sun makes the way through a shutter of curtains, carefully left to my darlings that the sun the beam softly, gently, unostentatiously woke me. The smile upon the face blurs, thoughts of the list of affairs and the expected meetings in this gray and sad, the megalopolis disappear. Something magic pulls out from routine. The never-ending stream of vanities passes into the background and the first rows are solemnly occupied by Cupid.

The love fills all space in this room, in my heart, in my thoughts. To speak in any case about limited space, according to Yandex direkt, since morning, 11 million people the word punched “love “in a search line. It seems that the world wide web was weaved in the form of heart. On a calendar on February 14 - a holiday of all lovers, and universal energy played a role. Counters of flowers shops and gifts are crowded, the mass of people sign Valentine`s Day cards, streets, show-windows are decorated in hundreds of hearts, and I unconditionally believe that cupids came back to Earth and light a way of everyone on a meeting to love. This is not about excessive sentimentality and romanticism, not at all. In this holiday dozen of flowers in the form of heart are concealed much more sacral, than.

It agrees one of legends, Valentin is the Catholic priest living in the city of Terni at the time of Claudius`s government ||. At that time for the purpose of preservation of a martial spirit the decree on a ban on marriage for legionaries was issued. However, Valentin secretly crowned lovers. Soon he was put in a dungeon and sentenced to death. In the conclusion Valentin fell in love with the supervisor`s daughter. Before death wrote it the farewell message, having subscribed by “your Valentin “. Subsequently, as the Christian martyr who was injured for belief Valentin was canonized by church.

There is such beautiful legend which is again noting what not so just to forbid to love, and such as Valentin - Saints, were, is and will be. And so fashionable tendency to speak about love, as about the last century, being on the dawn of the third millennium, perhaps just peep.

Society is inclined to criticize “time “in the pressing problems. It nicknamed itself “a consumption civilization “in which cultural wealth stands on an extinction side. Quite doubtful maxim. However similar judgments meet everywhere. Such factors as dizzy progress in science, fantastic development of technology, a surplus of information, a wave of sexual revolutions are called as blighters of “love “.

The climatic disasters, the conflicts, revolts, debauchery, human losses happening presently only confirm a destructive trend of 21 centuries. Here only the belief in “love here and now “, definition of love as constants does not challenge above told. It only calls into question reputation of “time “(temporary and ephemeral) as destroyer of so eternal, fundamental feeling.

The legend of Valentin, love and belief rather modestly and shy, however as all valuable, say that often, for one reason or another, the love appeared under a ban. Times passed, and the love remained. And it everywhere. On the platform of the decreasing train, in the hall of an arrival at the airport, in parks, in stories of people, on social networks, in novels, in movies, in legends and in time.

It is considered that this day Valentin comes back to Earth and connects all halves which knock about the world searching each other. Perhaps it just coincidence, and happy-go-lucky, exactly 3 years ago, this day, through a couple of hours my love was born. And I remember that cupid that secretly smiled. Now he lives with us, all also smiling, but it another story altogether...