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My summer parachute jump.“ Better once to probzdetsya than ten times to be trashed“

last year in the summer, with friends went to jump with a parachute. Frankly speaking gathered long, most likely from what was very terrible. The friend finished all, told: “and what are afraid that?“ And after these words all symbolically became silent, our jump also began with it.
I will not describe all org. the moments since they do not bear in themselves those feelings and emotions about which I want to tell you.
As is told by one my familiar deputy “Better once to probzdetsya than ten times to be trashed“ during take-off just there was a feeling corresponding to these words. The plane hoots, potryasyvat, it gathers speed, wings do waves as if a bird who tries to fly up. And here separation! And somehow mechanically pulls You down, You do not want to fly up because you understand that not to dodge any more.
Ascent. every second You become higher and higher and higher than
. Also it seems that You already ten times descended under yourself, but it only the beginning.
[photo] in a window I thought that I will join soon that I see. There were only a few minutes before my flight. I already forgot absolutely that it is necessary to behave that it is better to be shaken during a jump by what now.
our curator got up and gave command. My friend - the inventor was the first, I looked as he flies seconds 5 then he was gone from my fields of vision and my moment came. Heart fought and faded at the same time. When you worry, always too most, whether it be performance on a scene or at meeting of founders or when you communicate with the girl to which long ago not exactly you breathe. And here I jump out of the plane.
Ya in air, I in free you weed, even most it is not trusted, my speed very big, I turn around back and I see as my plane departs afar and besides every second it becomes further and further from me. I see as my friend in meters five hundred already begins to open the parachute. I felt nothing, I probzdetsya that was forces on the plane. I only seized every moment which saw. I saw as under me on the route cars go, I watched at them seconds two, but could not make out what cars are and remembered that I is very high. Began to level the body in air and to pull a ring. When I flew I considered everything in more detail around. I looked at friends, waved to them a hand and shouted “But pasaran!“. To aim where will land there was a friend, it was visible as he began to be wrapped sharply, I followed him. There was a wood, the river, the waste ground near the river and the field. While we flew I sometimes looked up at clouds, it is the unforgettable picture when clouds in three hundred meters from You. Such feeling that it is possible to touch them. Here and so you look and looking down you understand that soaring in air comes to an end.
I Landed a little successfully, but also not in a tree. Fortunately got off with several scratches and one bruise. But dovooooolny, the smile was as though one million found, eyes shone also energy and flew from me.
Epilogue. Here more or less precisely and mine passed
weeds, the desire to jump again some time was absent, but I advise all it to pass, feel the unreal drive when still you funk and already make a jump, all your bzdeniye in a flash passes at all. Here such pies at us!=)