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Archival papers. What they for us?

each family has papers which gather for years. The hand is not raised to throw out everything. And as archival it is impossible to consider these papers. Here on an example such. Before me - The Mortgage ticket EVEN No. 337461 from 18. 09. 1998. The name of a thing which was pawned according to this document, a ring. Here is how described it the inspector - a ring with a red stone, to 585/500, molding of the CAR. zagran., chip., about. 5,2 from 2,2. Assessment 110, loan - 83 rub Date of return of the loan 07. 11. 1998. Soon 14 years as I store this paper. But here before history. The young girl, having ended feldshersko - obstetric school, was going to go to the North of the Leningrad region on distribution. It was two years later after the termination Second World War. And years - that was to this girl only 19. To it gave a ringlet as keepsake. The gift was given by the sister who too for a while arrived to Leningrad, to visit mother and the sister. She with the husband lived in Germany. It was those years expensive gift - a ringlet with a red stone - ruby. Here the girl worked the put term, married, returned to Leningrad. The daughter, then the sonny was born at it. Then sent them with the husband to Northern Kazakhstan to lift science, to organize new institute. And the ringlet also flaunted on a hand, causing envy the unusual look and a large stone. It was executed daughters of 18 years. Mother presented the ringlet to the daughter. Now the unusual ringlet flaunted on a hand at the daughter. There passed years, the daughter returned to Leningrad. Now she married, gave birth to sons. When it was sad, I removed a ringlet and looked at a gleam. There lit up one-time - ruby spolokh, at the edges with a gold rim. There in a ringlet it was so tempting and it is warm, as to me at heart it became warm. And all adversities left in anywhere. Children grew, the husband ached and died. There came difficult year - 1998. With tears I demolished a ringlet in a pawnshop. What was bought by me to the boys, I do not remember any more. But it something brightened up our difficult life, supported by something us. There came November. It became even more difficult to live. And of course, I could not redeem a ringlet. Someone carries on a hand this beautiful ring with a big ruby now, can also admires it. Let it will bring you happiness, the owner of a ringlet. Here so, old paper from my archive forced to recover old events.