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How to return youth. The traveler in time of

What to do to the person if it already has everything? Money - please. The power - as much as necessary. Women - only beat off. Plus a small residence on the southern coast of France, a personal geliktoper and the small, but jet plane. Well, there still the yacht on the Mediterranean Sea, the estate in Barvikha and the rest so, on a trifle. Yes, still Lyusya from Shepetovka for an extreme.

Why was to the owner of all this, the radical inhabitant of our White House to go to the people - still unclear neither his wife, nor his mistress nor even that Luce from far and once the Shepetovki.

But Maxim Maksimovich Korolev, or according to his subordinates, the Bald Lapwing and Stierlitz, solved once, for a short time to become part of that mainstream which rushes by windows of its official car during trips for work to the White House and back.

Despite freight of the lived years, a ministerial chair and the coming prostatitis, Maxim Maksimovich in soul was always an ordinary working fellow from the Samara suburb. To fight with the neighboring street, to pozazhimat little girls on dances, with a guitar at an entrance to sit.

“My “Phantom“ in fog fast, in the sky blue and pure gains height again“, - boys in far 75 shouted. Eh, there was time!

And then four courses construction, port three seven, poker or pref till the morning in a hostel. Two years in a construction battalion. And again construction. And again dances, girls and cards. And the third shelf in the general car on the way on extra work. And the most important that construction was in St. Petersburg. Then, reorganization, city hall, necessary communications, Moscow, White House, portfolio. A residence in France, the yacht, the small, but jet plane, Lyusya from Shepetovka … Fie, as everything bothered.

And so there is a wish to return back to the past. To get into an invisible time machine and to get to that fine youth!

In a word, it was necessary to go back to the people.

But, it was impossible to go to the people with extremely recognizable physiognomy. Therefore, Maxim Maksimovich slightly put on make-up. It pasted to itself(himself) moustaches and a beard. Put on an old, too tight and short jacket and pulled a cap over eyes.

- As if, Lenin in Flood, - solved it, looking at himself in a mirror. - Now precisely nobody learns. Who now Lenina remembers.
In the people was decided to move forward on an old, imperceptible Zhiguli 7 models. For bravery before a trip the traveler in time accepted for bravery two on hundred a konyachka and took the wheel.

Moscow met Maxim Maksimycha by a full traffic standstill. Kutuzovsky stood is dead and obediently. There ahead passed a train of that at whom our hero was at least once a week.
“Here, a bough, - moved in soul Maxim Maksimycha something human. Something long ago forgotten.
Passed hour. The train did not go, and the stopper all stood and expanded. And our newly appeared Stierlitz terribly wanted on - small. He turned the head here and there, but except continuous rows of the cars standing at the left and on the right, noticed nothing suitable.
Then looking around and hiding the head in a collar, Maxim Maksimovich got out of the car and peed on a wheel of the BMW SUV standing ahead. “Too go by the seven“, - the Bald Lapwing managed to think as of the German jeep went out the driver and not words without speaking, gave it up to a physiognomy. At this time the VIP - a train flew by and a stream slowly and unwillingly began to start on the affairs. When sparks from eyes Maxim Maksimycha went out, he tried to record number leaving the scene of BMW.
777 - Ltd company, - went on the lips of the driver of a domestic car shivering for offense. - Somewhere I saw this number.

Korolev strained brain crinkles, and remembered! Same its number. More precisely number of its personal ministerial car. And the driver - Lesh. Precisely - Lesh! Same his driver to it filled a muzzle!
- Here, a bough! - Maxim Maksimovich began to tremble for anger. - I will come to work, I will dismiss to hell for such relation to the simple people.
was distributed a whistle Here, and the staff of the GAI officer ordered to the driver of Zhiguli to rise on a roadside.
- the Captain Petrov - Vodkin, - was presented the officer. - Your rights, certificate for registration, insurance and technical coupon. - Listen to
, the commander, - began to remember youth Maxim Maksimovich, - give - poltinnichek, and I went.
- Where went, - the GAI officer was surprised. - As you on Kutuzovsky in general nothing to do by it. Moreover also bears, as from a beer barrel. Moreover and to Lenin it is similar. Well, you, the man got, I will tell - on full. Here Maxim Maksimovich gave
on gases, having left Petrov - Vodkina silly to blink. He did not expect bigger impudence from the ordinary driver of a domestic car therefore he was a bit late with a pursuit.

Maxim Maksimovich parked near metro station meanwhile. Having thrown the car, he decided to check whether there is life there, underground. Last time Korolev was in the subway when the ticket cost the patch there.

In the car, flattened out as if banana under an asphalt skating rink, Maxim Maksimovich quickly baked. Especially, when it for some reason called a chock chernozhopy and set on the head a backpack. Crowd, leaving on “Park of Culture“, threw out Korolev on a bench on which the man smelling of a cheap toilet slept.

“Chur me, chur me“, - whispered it is hardly heard our hero, was chosen upward, caught a taxi and jerked home, to Barvikha.

There it, gasping and sighing, the prestigious wife accepted on hands, washed, shaved, and the next morning fresh as a light-salted cucumber, Maxim Maksimovich already got into the official car.
Lesh`s Driver, quietly driving off from the house and yuvelirno a wheel between beds, told how it some mudak in the middle of Kutuzovsky nassat yesterday to it directly on a wheel and that it was necessary to give that up to a physiognomy.

- Well and correctly made, - Maxim Maksimovich muttered. - So many mudak in this world divorced, there is no place to spit already. Went to the White House to meeting.
I black BMW, having roared and having included a flasher, crashed into a stream of the cars hurrying on Rublevskoye Highway on the urgent matters.

And after Maxim Maksimovich Korolev`s meeting waited for Lyusya from Shepetovka. And then small, but jet plane and Mediterranean Sea. And past … Let it remain where there were port three seven, a bullet till the morning and “my “Phantom“ in fog fast, the sky blue and pure gains height again“.

“It is necessary to live in the present“, - Korolev thought, passing on Kutuzovsky Avenue by the inspector of traffic police Petrov - Vodkin extended in frunt and saluting it. - Include - Lesh, a flasher, something we slowly go today.