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Where you jump, a horse pedal?

words and phrases, as well as at people, have family trees. And in the same way as people, these family trees have foggy pieces and confused.

Here, for example, the phrase “horse pedal“ appeared and took roots in the Russian speech., It seems, a neologism, but that it means, nobody plainly knows. What for a horse, from where pedals? Generally, all this is strange, but the frazochka got accustomed! Eventually, “utopia“ to Tomasa Mora nobody knew a word meaning, and now - all who feel like it use.

Recently, speaking with the friend by phone, the son issued the phrase of type: “And, Ivanov? Yes he is in general a horse pedal …“

Quite often this, apparently, ridiculous phrase is used in relation to the person famous for the near mind, dullness and obstinacy. Or other unpleasant personal properties. For example, the husband`s wife behind bread sent, and it returned drunk, without money and without bread - well and who is he after that? Worthless fool and idler, horse pedal.

And meanwhile a pedal horse - quite real character of the Soviet history “igrushkostroyeniye“. It was designed in a subsoil of the defensive industry in 50 - e years of the last century, in response to a government appeal to give all the best to children.

The idea was such - to connect in one product a popular horse on castors and the children`s bicycle superscarce at that time. Some clever man made effort, and already the marvelous hybrid is started in production, and then and in sale - the goods received the name “Horse Pedal“.

The mechanism represented as if the jockey vehicle with the horse harnessed in it - in a miniature, of course. The horse had one wheel under a breast, two more supported “seat“.

What color were issued “pedal“, now it is difficult to establish - the copies which reached our times, as a rule, are repeatedly recoloured, a horse - that iron. Unless according to old photos and vague children`s memoirs of happy owners of that time it is possible to assume that there were they gray in apples.

Philoprogenitive buyers at first were enraptured, and then fell into a stupor. The new unit was smart in appearance, but is not functional at all. To go by it, habitually making a start from the earth legs, kids could not - stirred the pedals which are sticking out on both sides. It was impossible to twist these pedals too - they were too hard and are located far ahead from the improvised saddle. The most persistent equestrians with big work overcame several meters then flat-out fell down to the ground together with the horseman - in view of imperfection of the general design. And it on smooth asphalt! What to tell about other roads, almost impassable and for the real vehicles with the real, not pedal horses.

In several years the toy was laid off nevertheless - “konestroitel“ recognized the fiasco, and “pedal“ disappeared from counters of shops. And the name “went to the people“, having become one of symbols of human nonsense.

In later time the Soviet children, mainly boys, had one more unique vehicle - the pedal car. Unlike a horse, the avtomobilchik, despite bulkiness, moved a trip, had some maneuverability, and was even equipped by “elektriky“ - a sound signal and headlights which could be switched on and off.

My boys drove on it to a stupor, the senior driving - younger on a cowl. The car was is yellow - orange, here only we could not remember brand - it seems as “Muscovite“.

Then when already knees ceased to be located “in the car“, we descended this unit to kids from other family, and in vain - it was necessary to keep. If to trust the special websites, then the Soviet pedal cars are very appreciated at collectors. Though hardly my adult sons would wish to leave a favourite toy.

And here still. On the Internet the legend that the horse pedal was a predecessor of famous Bucephalus - a favourite horse of Alexander of Macedon, also designed and constructed by skillful Greek engineers on a task of daddy of Philip II walks. The wooden horse with wheels was set in motion by pedals by means of a belt drive.

Moreover, the legend says, as for companions on games of the successor of the Macedonian throne made pedal horses too; in children`s horse fights future commander and his colleagues allegedly perfected martial art.

Anyway, but “a pedal horse“ and today with us, having become the common noun expressing a sneering attitude to fools.