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What games to play for Easter?

many spend Easter Holiday in the family circle. What to be engaged this light and joyful day in? How to spend time with children? Play traditional easter games!

Of course, first of all on a holiday of Easter it is accepted to play with eggs. Pre-revolutionary Russia painted eggs and played them house families, on a visit, on the street.

Driving of eggs

of One of favourite easter entertainments was driving of eggs. Arranged game so: did “skating rink“ of a cardboard or a tree, and under it displayed different toys, souvenirs, colored eggs. Players in turn approached “skating rink“ and rolled eggs. The subject which the small egg concerned became a prize. Search of eggs

Earlier in many families children did not present to

Easter without this entertainment. Adults hid houses Easter eggs and boxes of the different size in advance in the form of eggs in which they put gifts and surprises. Children looked for these eggs and boxes, and adults on the course of game gave hints. Chokanye`s


to This ancient Russian entertainment is a lot of

- many years. Struck with colored egg (the blunt or sharp end) the rival`s egg. That whose egg remained whole won. It took away to itself(himself) egg of the loser. Find

a thimble

to This game of years five hundred. Players for several minutes left the room. The leader tried to hide a thimble at this time, but so that it was in sight of players. Then all came into the room and began to look around at a thimble. If the player found a thimble, it silently sat down on a floor. The last player who saw a thimble paid a forfeit, and the player who sat down the first acquired the right to hide a thimble.

Who leading?

not less than six players had to participate In game. One of them left the room, and remained became in a circle and elected the leader. The leader carried out the elementary movements: for example, raised hands, twirled by the head, clapped, stamped. Other players repeated all movements after it. The player leaving the room came back and got up in the center of a circle. He needed to find the leader, and it is absolutely difficult. When the leader was, already he left the room, and players elected the new leader.


Someone from players became driving, it prepared for “travel“, and the others asked it to bring gifts from “relatives“ from the different cities. They called the cities, but did not call gifts, is not clear that “relatives“ “will transfer“ to them. Driving all listened and went to “travel“ - there were their rooms.

“Travel“ continued minutes five - seven, at this time driving thought out what gifts to bring. Gifts had to be called from those letters with which the names of the cities told by players began. For example, called the city of Pskov it was possible to bring gloves, a tray, a towel, pie, a button, etc., and called Novgorod - scissors, a cape, a pillowcase, threads. The gift, the more cheerfully is more ridiculous.

“Travel“ came to an end, distribution of gifts began. “Was at your uncle, he sent you a sweater“, - addressed driving to the one who called the city of Sevastopol. The player took a gift. But if driving suddenly made a mistake (the player called other city), then the gift was rejected, and driving gave the forfeit.

Played, have fun - it is a high time to play forfeits. It is desirable to think over tasks for forfeits in advance that they were not monotonous: to represent a familiar picture, some animal, a subject or a profession, to compose a chastushka or the fairy tale, to congratulate all on a holiday in a foreign language, to make a gymnastic figure, to run on the street and to bring something (a leaf, a stone, snow), etc.

Cheerful to you a holiday! Let games and entertainments in national spirit will be remembered to both adults, and children!