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Whether there are in the territory of Russia pyramids?

“Everything on light are afraid of time, but time is afraid of pyramids“, - the saying says. Is afraid, but what pyramids? Egyptian, Chinese, Mexican? And maybe, Russian? But in Russia, it seems, there are no pyramids, - you will tell. Officially - yes, is not present. But there are those who consider that in Russia there are pyramids and they more than the Egyptian.

It is about the mountains the Brother and the Sister which are the hallmark of the city of Nakhodka. Let`s try to understand what they they are natural or man-made objects?

Officially, the Brother and the Sister are ancient reeves which age about 250 million years. Chzhurchzheni - the aggressive Tungus tribes which created the Gold empire where also the territory of modern Primorsky Krai entered called mountains Yes - Nye - shan (Sister) and Ayr - Nye - shan (Brother) that the second breast - the mountain“ is translated as “The big mountain like female breasts“ and “. Then, at the end of 80 - x years of the 18th century, they were renamed into the Southern and Northern peaks of Klykov. The modern name was received from the Russian settlers of the beginning of the XX century.

Gore Sestr has height of 319 meters, coordinates: 42 °49`36` `N 132 °59`32` `E, a structure - limestone.

Gore Brat - height is 242 meters, coordinates: 42 °51`32` `N 133 °1`5` `E, a structure - limestone.

At the foot of mountains find the remains of chzhurchzhensky ancient settlements, traces of activity of ancient people, bones of mammoths. That`s all from official.

Now we will talk “informally“.

Brat and Sestr`s mountains initially were about one height: 319 and 320,5 meters. It is confirmed by photos 30 - x years. The brother was truncated in Soviet period. In pre-war years the mountain became a source of extraction of limestone for construction of port. And material was taken not from the basis or sides, and from a top. What for? it is much more difficult and more expensive? The possible answer - the Soviet government knew that mountains - man-made objects, pyramids. Say, pyramids in the territory of Russia is a threat of the Marxist theory of an origin of the universe and unnecessary attention from world community. The similar situation develops with the Chinese pyramids now. Here only Chinese study, and we blow up.

So why was to blow up Brat`s mountain? To extract limestone or to reach internal chambers of a pyramid? And for this purpose and for another, we kill two hares - limestone in business, and estimated contents of chambers too in business - can be useful in strengthening of domination of the proletariat and if it is not useful - to destroy as threat of the Soviet power and ideology. In 70 - e years development of the mountain was complete. Probably, something was found. Otherwise, why was to give up the begun extraction of limestone, there are so much forces and means it was already enclosed. This opinion of supporters of “the pyramidal theory“ of mountains. Here only what chambers can be in a pyramid top?

By the way as a result the top of the mountain of Brat was demolished, the climate of the Guerrilla valley changed for the worse.

Many doubt that Brat and Sestr`s mountains are pyramids. In the photo 30 - x years it is obviously visible that mountains have the correct pyramidal form. However when studying mountains in the Google Mother Earth program it becomes clear that if they also remind pyramids, then with very big stretch. Of any correct pyramidal form it is not a question. What it is a successful foreshortening of the photo, that is optical deception, or reality? If Brat`s mountain underwent barbarous destruction, then Sestr`s mountain remained almost inviolable. Where then its ideal pyramidal form?

Chinese hide pyramids - spreading on them trees and bushes. Perhaps, and ours took advantage of the opportunity too and disguised to unrecognizability of a pyramid - one explosions precisely. But also time could bring the contribution in destruction of pyramids. By some estimates by it from 10000 to several million years! For such time of a pyramid could also take a modern form. Add climate, seasonal differences of temperatures, activity of the person here. By the way, you noticed a difference - to reeves officially 250 million years, and to pyramids from 10 thousand to several million. Probably, it is one more white spot in the “pyramidal“ version.

The statement that mountains are focused on parts of the world, as well as the Egyptian pyramids, is right with the reservation - they almost are focused by on parts of the world, with a deviation on North - the West. It can be established even visually. However, for millions of years of a pole of the earth repeatedly changed, the last change happened about 9000 years ago. Perhaps, once they were also focused precisely on Greenland, exactly there was a North magnetic Pole.

There are attempts to compare Brat and Sestr`s mountains to pyramids in Giza. As it was already told, mountains consist of limestone. The Egyptian pyramids also, in the bulk, consist of limestone, including basalt and granite. In foundation of mountains of Brat and Sestr there is a basalt layer too. And this already, according to experts, indicates their artificial origin.

Now in the world the theory according to which the Egyptian pyramids did not build of blocks is popular and they were not got, and just did of concrete. A timbering, concrete - we receive the block. However the easy decision not only constructions, but in general secrets - who built pyramids and as. And still is much “but“.

For example how to fill in the block of tens meters in size and weighing one hundred tons? What the timbering such is? And granite and basalt blocks - them not filling created, and cut out. At modern technology the granite block is cut on plates within three days!

Now about a timbering. Blocks at pyramids in Egypt of an ideal form. Means, and boards of a timbering have to be not less correct, one may say, without errors in general. Many go further and call builders of the Egyptian pyramids - Slavs! The theory, at least, for a raising of patriotic spirit of our country is good. According to this theory, Brat and Sestr`s mountains - the pyramids constructed by Slavs by a casting method of concrete.

If Brat and Sestr`s mountains are copies of pyramids of Giza, then where then the third pyramid? Many point to the hill the Nephew. Coordinates: 42 °50`14` `N 133 °0`13` `E, height of the hill is 144 meters. Say, the pyramid was destroyed. But they or forget, or intentionally ignore the fact that in 1972 the cave was open inside. The pyramid cannot be hollow inside. According to other version, the remains of the third pyramid are under water. According to the third version - the pyramid was, but already, alas, is wiped out.

Questions and once again questions, answers to which can be received only in case to mountains the professional expedition having an accurate task to establish is organized: what is the heights called Brat and Sestr - the mountain or a pyramid?