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How to treat criticism or why we do “it“? Why I decided to write

about it? Took out a good lesson from a bad situation. Sounds strange, I will try to explain the thought. So, all one after another.

We will understand with the name - in the scientific collection of the living Criticism great Russian language it is defined as search, judgment, analysis and the conclusion about advantages something. The concept close to the translation from Greek - ancient Greeks understood this term as art to sort, create opinion. If to glance in history, then we can speak about judgments ancient on hand-written works, antique philosophers not only thought of questions of an esthetics and literary criticism, but also wrote the whole treatises about them (Democritus, Platon, Aristotle, Homer) to

with Very interesting and striking example of search I consider bible criticism, only in this context “the criticism“ has no negative connotation, but as in other areas, it serves tasks of the analysis and the best understanding of the text here.

Absolutely on the different Critic understood at various times, it were requirements to a syllable, contents, and maybe to volumes and degree of a didacticism of works. But they always were! The criticism changed with change of literary schools and currents and only we had it original, accepted publicistic character and and over time became more philosophy of our history and the public, than disclosure of the principles of elegance or their censure.

Why we speak about the literary critic on the pages “Schools of Life“? Very simply - all participants of process it is readers, or writers. So we will return to the reason which induced to writing of this article.

Surprisingly but in our habitual life everyone and everything is exposed to criticism it not that other as an assessment, judgment, but not that condemnation as all of us got used to understand.

Living life we gain experience and it is fine, but at the same time we become attached to labels: the sky - blue, the blonde - not clever, criticism - censure. Many, unfortunately, not to find time to understand and how it is actually? Whether it is worth applying habitual perception to all situations or to have patience and corrosiveness and to regard everyone as a unique case, making room for amendments. Moreover, making room for justice, and not just desire “to crucify“. Speaking so I do not chatter, on the Internet there are a lot of competitions on the most severe criticism! Thus people lift to themselves ratings even if with disapproval, but they are read, are interested in them, they - are popular. Nobody will begin to watch a personal profile of the person who left the good-natured, though showing work shortcomings, the comment. So - in it is mute there is no sense. It is all about a rating (we will not concern psychological implication of this question so far, we will consider negative criticism and “oskandalivaniye“, as a key to popularity). The person always fought for result, but not always in the most honest way, just instruments of fight can be different, all changes. So the Internet began a good field to earn to itself scandalous glory. But, will of a case, there is not a lot of such individuals!

The greatest number of faultfinders - all this grateful readers who did not remain indifferent to read on so many that even worked and wrote the answer - a response. It and the most valuable. Here criticism - the purest reflection of public opinion. Buyers and sociologists, politicians and PR - technologists quite often use such receptions and methods. They study public moods and preferences.

All this that Criticism - the most valuable source of information at what, free and habitual opinion that laziness - the engine of progress could be paraphrased, having told that the engine of progress is a good healthy Criticism. Respectively and it is worth perceiving it too well having thought, we not only criticize, but also we give in to estimation, and sometimes and to condemnation. It is necessary to understand well when judgment objective and when it is simply zloyazychy which reasons is the whole scientific separate work.

It is more of that, the criticism is so closely connected with journalism today - the certificate to that a body and radio projects, newspaper articles and the whole journalistic investigations that god of “scribblers“ and writers can put safely the head on an altar of sacrifices and to safely spread this article for consideration to the editor. Was was!

Criticize, read, you think and, please, be fair.