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Air rifle of MP - 514K. Why she was called “Crocodile“?

“MR - 514K - the compact air rifle of the Russian production executed according to the scheme of bulls - fathers. The trunk is located parallel to the cylinder. Has drum shop on 8 bullets or 10 steel balls, the platoon is carried out by a trunk platoon up - back on a corner about 120 degrees … The most small-sized pneumatic weapon of a domestic production which is a full-fledged rifle“. Source: Wikipedia.

So, and a crocodile - then at what? And give - we will go on - to an order.

Appearance of rifle MR - 514K is very non-standard, grozen and looks as the blaster from some Hollywood fantastic fighter. Visually reminds the Italian automatic carbine of “Beretta CX4 storm“. It is necessary to tell that rifle MR - 514K is very compact (length only 65 cm) and looks very adequately, at the level of the best world samples. The case, though plastic, but looks as metal from - for specific metal outflow. From above “hedgehog“ of a level “Viver“, the universal landing interface for installation of optical (collimator) sights or other devices. A huge front sight “and - la the Kalashnikov“. All external details are made accurately and look quite soundly.

Charging shop on 8 lead bullets. The platoon with great dispatch - the trigger mechanism and a rating of air is carried out by the movement of a trunk up - back. I.e. the first time reveals a trunk, the shop filled by pools is inserted, further after each shot the trunk just twitches up. After pools come to an end, the empty shop is replaced full and everything repeats.

Technical characteristics of an air rifle of MR - 514K:

the Weight, kg - 2,8.
Length, mm - 650.
Length of a trunk, mm - 420.
Calibre, mm - 4,5.
the Initial speed of a bullet, m/s - to 150 with a standard spring.

, It seems, everything is good. Here not!

Configuration on system of bulls - fathers (the shop with charges is located behind the fire control handle) quite unusually for firing from the pneumatic weapon. The center of gravity of a rifle falls on the center of a butt, and to bring the center of gravity at least to handle level, the advanced users clog forward cavities of the weapon with lead small weights or fasten a heavy nadulnik instead of standard. Except acquisition of a habitual razvesovka, such upgrade reduces jumping up of a trunk at a shot that promotes more exact firing.

Aim devices not so ideal. The front sight resembles “kalashnikovsky“ purely superficially, a half ring around a front sight plastic, and itself aim “ïåí¸ê“ is not regulated in any way. The huge front sight prevents installation of a collimator or low riflescope. So fans to do some shooting by means of optics or “a sight with a red point“ just cut a front sight that quite strongly spoils appearance of a rifle.

For beautiful appearance the butt is made wide, and a zatylnik, part which rests against a shoulder, on the contrary, very narrow. Such form of a butt at a supereasy rifle creates very strong blow in a shoulder, especially at installation in a rifle of more powerful, than factory, springs. This “illness“ is treated by installation of a wide rubber zatylnik that too does not improve appearance of this futuristic rifle.

The automatic safety lock which always rises in the provision of protection at a rifle platoon is located ahead of a trigger and has no accurately expressed provisions “does not shoot“ “shoots“/. It does not promote comfort of firing too. Often, having carefully aimed and having pressed a trigger, the shooter with surprise understands that the shot will not follow. Reaches that the advanced users delete a safety lock from a rifle in general, the benefit, a design of the weapon allows to make it. And still it is necessary to pay tribute to Izhmekh`s designers: despite strange execution, a non-standard safety lock works accurately, use is clear to them intuitively, even without peeping in the instruction.

The magnetic feeder for giving of metal balls is not in each rifle that, at least, is strange. So to fans to do some shooting iron balls, it is necessary to look at first in the instruction whether there is this device in concrete option of a rifle. And here it is possible to shoot lead pools from any copy of a rifle. And the round shop - the clip in a set is delivered only one that it is obviously not enough to do some shooting for fans of outdoors where the gray plastmasska can be lost easily in a grass or among stones.

But in general the first Russian rifle of bulls - fathers is made quite adequately. In six years the majority of small shortcomings was licked, and workmanship did not worsen. The rifle price - 150 American dollars, is quite acceptable for the Russian fans too to do some shooting.

And now the answer to the question asked in heading. You sometime saw a silhouette of a crocodile which widely opened the mouth? And so, at a recharge when the trunk is taken away from a receiver, MP - 514 looks in the same way.