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“Rivalry or coaching? What to choose for formation of successful team?“

call This difficult emotion differently. It both sports enthusiasm, and healthy competition, and working passion. But we will try to take out an impartial assessment: a basis of all these passions is one widespread and strong feeling - jealousy of foreign progress. But at once I will make a reservation, the jealousy - does not mean “badly“. On the contrary, in many situations it is simply necessary! What is a driving force of aspiration to shoot up on a career ladder? What forces employees of one team to zealously try to obtain an arrangement of the higher administration? Yes, the jealousy of foreign progress proceeding from simple installation, the « type; unless I am worse than others?! “

Main symptoms “ professional “ jealousy

Let`s say one colleague succeeded more than others and for the last month could not only develop the perspective project, but also organize profitable action and find the valuable client. But only at one of, say, 50 - ti colleagues this event will become a reason for sincere pleasure. Negative emotions will cause splash in others, and the third will receive strong incentive to develop and be improved by

I Will list 3 possible versions of the solution of this question:

1 option.
Having learned about success of the colleague, you prepare own project even more interesting and perspective. You sat down for books and programs, you seek to make better, you strenuously raise own skill level, work on professional skills. If the similar behavioural stereotype, so everything is all right is close to you. Your jealousy is natural and constructive.
2 option . You go from foreign success crazy, you began to hate the leader and seek to blacken it gossips, find the reasons to belittle his advantages, envy and in every possible way justify own helplessness. Know, to you svoystven paranoid type of jealousy, the most dangerous and unproductive.

3rd option. you will begin to do nothing, you do not wish neither to overtake someone, nor to put a spoke in the wheel, foreign progress is indifferent or almost indifferent for you. You are sincerely glad for the partner and are even ready to congratulate him on success. All this means only one - professional jealousy not in your character. Perhaps, you are not deprived of ambitions, but hardly zealously aspire to the purposes. Perhaps, you know the own worth, are capable to estimate yourself critically. But, alas, it is not always enough to try to obtain big heights. Send to
energy of jealousy in the course is necessary!

If your jealousy is constructive, it, undoubtedly, will help you with advance on a career ladder. Such emotions do not need to be controlled, give them freedom and they will make the business. However if you feel that your jealousy develops into a green envy (paranoid type) when any achievements of other people cause an attack of excessive self-criticism and hatred - with it it is necessary to do something!
For a start try to calm down, suppress surge in negative emotions and try to get rid bad thoughts. Remember, only you suffer from your nasty spirit and negative emotions, a green envy - inadmissible squandering!
When you will feel simplification and calm, reflect - and as if you could prove from the best party? Really you are not able to work well and productively? Of course, you are able! It was necessary only to be engaged in business - begin right now, prove the capacity, open talents!

Envy from colleagues. What to do?

Various office intrigues are capable not only to spoil mood, but even to break career. You remember, eventually, at the worst deal it is always possible to resign or leave therefore you do not hurry, try to solve the conflict peaceful manner. If you defined among colleagues of the fierce envious person, try to find with him a common language, to make friends, but if such option is impossible - just it is necessary to move away: to pass into other department, to change an office, to avoid communication confidentially, etc. Envy is capable to bring very far the weak and lagging behind people, be attentive. Do not allow to throw a monkey-wrench into the works, but also do not condemn envious persons, do not bear them the malice and do not meet by reciprocal aggression. Be reasonable and indulgent, avoid any conflict with colleagues.

Rivalry? No. Cooperation!

Collaboration is always productive and favorable to all collective. As a rule, awards and increases of salaries always concerns all department, but not the specific person. Derive the maximum benefit from collective work, do not waste time for a showdown and scandals. And still it is desirable to adhere to one of golden rules of office employee: “ Do not gossip! “

Remember that each person who met to you on the way is first of all a new opportunity, but not an obstacle. Smile, welcome, offer the help or you ask about it - these simple rules of conduct show to people around that you are ready to work in team, among people, colleagues and friends.

Work in team - merits and demerits
1. Work in team is always more productive.
2. The atmosphere of the competition and passion adds enthusiasm to each of participants.
3. Efforts of everyone connect and increased greatly, give cumulative effect.
4. The reasonable criticism of colleagues helps to be improved and develop.
5. More skilled colleagues easily and quickly train beginners.
Is also collaboration shortcomings:
1. In team it is almost impossible to trace a personal contribution to the project of each of participants.
2. Parasitizing cases when one person charges himself with all routine work are frequent, without having an opportunity to specify by another what to do.
3. The conflicts and intrigues are possible.
4. Problem “ did not work well together “ when one or several employees openly criticize actions of others.
Successful &ndash team; this community of the people united by the uniform purpose and uniform activity in which relationship the trust, high professionalism, confidence, group cooperation and an individual responsibility reigns.

Coaching - formation of the real team!

How quickly and competently to form the real team? For the answer to this question we will address the modern concept “coaching“. What is it? Coaching is a process of formation of solid and effective team. Coaching is extraordinary popular in business today - Wednesday, many companies already appreciated advantage of team work. It is no secret that all great people who achieved success were also great psychologists, today we would call them “great koucha“. They were helped by ability to see around itself people, to estimate their talents, bents, business potential. They skillfully used this ability for the business benefit, creating around themselves strategic support group and giving to each her member of an opportunity for own professional and personal growth.
Ability to ask for the help, desire to work in team are the key moments in development of successful business. For formation of solid team today many heads employ a personal kouch that the psychological atmosphere among the staff of the company changed to the best. Kouch helps to create solid team in which each worker is given the chance to realize the abilities for 100%, and together all employees work for the general result. Thanks to it put business - the task is carried out in shorter terms, with smaller labor costs and is the most successful.

You remember, the world attitude towards you is a reflection of your relation to the world. In your forces to be a charming, friendly, loyal employee. The competition or team, friendship or hostility, jealousy or incentive - only you solve!

The certified psychologist, kouch.
Tufanova Vera