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What can disappear under a pink tape?

of the Woman, faced such problem as a breast cancer, know that the oncology is the most difficult process changing their lives and habitual idea of the world. “Breast cancer - not a pink tape“, - these words became the motto of “Scar Project“ (The Scar Project).

The beginning of the project was unexpected. Deyvid Jay was known in New - York first of all as the fashionable photographer. At Paulina, one of his acquaintances, found a breast cancer when the girl was twenty eight years old. Without wishing to stand aside, Deyvid as rehabilitation after operation suggested it to make a photoshoot that she could see from outside that she remained same attractive, as well as was before. After short thoughts it gave the consent to photographing. Actually, then the first pictures which formed the basis of “Scar Project“ were taken.

“Scar project“ was conceived as an honest and sincere view of a problem of a breast cancer. But everything went not so smoothly as it was supposed initially. Officials were against an exposure of scars, wishing to see only the “beautiful“ picture. The general public did not react to the first exhibition. And only those whom “Scar Project“ concerned directly left huge grateful comments in guest books of an exhibition and on the project website.

Emily, one of the women who participated in Deyvid Jay`s photoshoot told about the impressions: “The idea of “Scar Project“ - to prove to be and share with others as I endured a breast cancer, convinced me. I did not apply for anything, I just wanted to take part. My main experience which is taken out after work in a photographic studio is that I could see the beauty again. I do not feel more vulnerable, I see that I am full of strength and I am proud of it“.

To act for this project thousands of women expressed desire. All of them understood that their photos will be published and for this reason they wanted to be seen to warn and set others, relying on personal experience.

The purposes of “Scar Project“ were defined and formulated by the photographer Deyvid Jay and participants of his photoshoots - to bring society out of blissful ignorance concerning risks and realities of a breast cancer; to raise funds for researches of this type of oncology and for educational programs; to show to the women who survived after an illness their importance and strength of mind.

“Scar project“ exists more than five years, and Deyvid Jay is not going to stop the begun business. There is a website of this project, this movement is registered on Facebook and on Twitter. There was a book with photos and autobiographical sketches of fifty women who took part in photographings.

In interview Deyvid Jay is not tired to repeat: “Photos are necessary in order that the woman saw that she could win a victory over a dreadful disease. These simple photos help the woman to return sexuality, to find anew belief in the feminity - after it was deprived of such important part of the body. These pictures allow the woman of force to move further“.