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Criminal comedy “Flypaper“. How to rob one bank three times?

to understand that the director Rob Minkoff wanted to tell the movie, it is necessary to address the theory for a moment. At cinema it is possible to rob bank in two popular ways.

Way first. It is not necessary to invent superfluous. Two raunchy brothers can do without car on a chickie, smart plans and modern gadgets. There will be enough also bag of the Chinese explosive, a shot-gun and couple of loaded “magnums“. We enter under closing into bank through a main entrance, we thrash from a shotgan in a chandelier and we call a loud voice the senior manager. We take away that for a corner and we talk heart-to-heart. It is possible also on a liver. As color will go. On kraynyak, there are a dynamite and ATMs.

Having got access to the safe, we take everything that we can carry away. We are enough by the scruff for steam of frightened hostages, we catch a taxi with the Hindu - the emigrant and, bypassing police cordons, we bring down to the Mexican border. If carries, we will arrange the fountain from money in number of some cheap motel already tomorrow and to bask heels in the sun. If is not present, then the earth down or the sky in a section, friends striped.

Way second. Half a year we nourish the idea of a robbery. It is possible all life as the count Monte - Cristo. We make team of specialists and one guy which eternally everything spoils. We steal schemes of bank, passwords, appearances, access codes, fingerprints, scans of eyes, analyses of urine. We buy in a flea market pair of containers of the weapon, in the Internet - shop - the laptop with the built-in generator of passwords, and also the drilling rig, night vision glasses and a laser range finder. In the marked hour, minute and second, having synchronized watches, masks of presidents / clowns and conditional gestures, we rush into bank under closing through a flue.

Further the situation of a way of the first repeats. With only that difference that there is a lot of robbers, all want to shout a bit, to slap somebody, to show a nonsense - the mother and to clean up from here before arrival of police. The solid jackpot is packed into black sports bags, loaded in tinted miniveins which in two quarters should be reduced to ashes. Further the gang disperses on holes subsequently to gather on the secret apartment, to arrange dismantling and to interrupt each other on pleasure to neighbors. Amen.

Careless investors have also the third way of rather fair depriving of money. It will also become a final chord of the criminal comedy “Flypaper“. But we will not reveal a secret, otherwise the plan intrigue will be lost.

Sideways Rob Minkoff joined a genre of the criminal comedy. Though with such quantity of corpses as in “Flypaper“ (flypaper - a flypaper for flies), it does not become ridiculous any more. And there began the director, by the way, as the coauthor of the well-known Disney`s animated film “The Lion King“. Then Minkoff, having estimated the potential, combined experience with animation in a dilogy “Stewart Littl“ where the cartoon characters interact together with real actors. And then threw animation at all, having passed into art cinema it is final.

And still it remained is faithful to a family genre. Two of its subsequent tapes, the comedy “Mansion with Ghosts“ with Eddie Murphy`s participation and “A forbidden kingdom“ with Jet Li and Jackie Chan, were solved within adventure comedies for all family. Nothing foretold that the director will suddenly throw out kolenets and will cross Soderbergh Road, to Richie and Carnahan, venerable authors removing in a genre of “very black comedy“. However, the miracle did not happen. Minkoff did not make revolution and surpassed nobody, but removed sound, places amusing, kintso, capable to brighten up one concrete evening. Alas, but creators so strongly went too far in an intriguing that all Flypapers salt contains in more - less unpredictable final. What, in turn, does repeated viewing of a picture by occupation useless.

Authors decided that few one robbery will be it. Therefore on the screen separately taken bank plunders two teams which are cardinally differing by methods and skill at once. But equally confused, as becomes a reason for a kaleidoscope absurd and sometimes ridiculous situations. On the one hand, goofs “Nut oil“ (Tim Blake Nelson) and the “Jellies“ which came into bank unless not in pants on straps with another - a Trinity of the professional robbers covered by automatic machines, laptops and special equipment. Both those, and others do not intend to leave financial institution not solono the hlebavsh, but when the third interferes with their plans, invisible, but extremely killing, the personality, are forced to act at the same time. Otherwise not to see them money as own ears.

Patrick Dempsey as as if main character who in image of the self-appointed Sherlock Holmes untangles an intrigue ball especially did not impress. Dempsey was never considered as a comedian and here considerably changes in some moments. But the budget - that at Minkoff is only 5 million so to count on the bright star able everything it was not necessary. Against diligent Dempsey the beauty Ashley Judd looked even better, but she in the scenario was given though sign, but nevertheless not the main party. Authors put the main emphasis on robbers and did not lose at all. These clowns till the end make laugh audience with the idiocy.

Summing up all aforesaid, it turns out that the movie appeared not really equal. I.e. to mix the comedy and crime equal proportions at Minkoff it did not turn out. The distortion in one of the parties is continually observed. At first heroes desperately crack jokes and give a pearl behind a pearl, and in a minute die as flies. At the same Guy Richie mix of genres was more organic and more vigorous.

Besides creators were strongly constrained by a chamber framework of a plot, the events within four walls. With naked improvisation suprotiv you will not trample on classics therefore connected authors of “A bachelor party from Vegas“ to a script writing and “Ghosts of the former girlfriends“. In this connection, the humour turned out specific. From the “Oh, Look how His Brains on a Wall Were Funny Spilt“ series. And you do not know any more, whether in all seriousness to perceive the events, whether to lean back in a chair and to cease to wait for an outcome. Eventually what difference, who will get millions of taxpayers if all other-wordly characters.