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Whether the hydrochemistry will give us new “gold“?

Already give. Drinking fresh water is bottled and sold! Water already the goods having actual cost. By the way, you spend part of utility costs on … - look at water in monthly receipts.

The hydrochemistry studies a chemical composition of natural waters and regularity of its change under the influence of physical, chemical and biological impacts. The hydrochemistry is closely connected with geochemistry and hydrogeology. A task is establishment of a chemical composition of basic elements of ecosystems of oceans and seas, processes of biogeochemical transformation and evolution.

Mineral resources of the World Ocean can be divided into those which are in the water, and those which are got from its bottom. The most valuable resource of the World Ocean - water which contains 75 chemical elements. From it commercially extract magnesium, sodium, chlorine and bromine. There is even a gold - on average 4 mg / a cube. m that is one thousand times less than industrial contents. A task - to find economically acceptable way of its extraction.

But all that glitters is not gold. Fresh water - future equivalent of gold. Because without heavy and brilliant metal it is possible to live, and “without water both there, and syuda“. There is a problem of fresh water (water which salinity does not exceed 0,1%). The share it in total of water on Earth makes only 2,7%, and its most part (85%) is concentrated in ices of polar zones and glaciers. Already 80 countries of the world lack for fresh water. Reserves of the fresh water suitable for drink can end by 2033 - much earlier, than oil reserves!

In Russia 22% of world reserves of fresh water! It is more only in Brazil. But a half does not satisfy it to sanitary standards. Here the hydrochemistry with the analytical service is also urged to watch these norms. An exit is. This creation of the production cycles closed on water for prevention of dumpings of dirty waters. Such cycle successfully acts on space stations. Water is the most valuable space freight! The person daily needs about three liters of liquid, and continuous delivery of water to station - very expensive operation therefore water is processed, as if it is strange sounded, from urine! So business in balance of the prices.

Yu. Luzhkov, by the way, the Doctor of Chemistry, in the book “Water and World“ reanimated idea of the direction of part of a drain of the Ob and Irtysh Rivers in West - the Siberian, Ural, Central Asian and Kazakhstan economic region by construction of the channel 2550 kilometers long. Surplus is offered to be sold to Kazakhstan. Here to you and “gold“ of Russia!

In Russia the Institute of water and environmental problems of DVO Russian Academy of Sciences (Khabarovsk), Limnological institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science (Listvyank), Institute of water problems of the North KARNZ RAHN (Petrozavodsk), Institute of an ozerovedeniye of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg), Institute of oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) deal with hydrochemical problems. It is possible to esteem: Driver Dzh. Geochemistry of natural waters. M.: The world, 1985, and also the above-stated book of Yu. Luzhkov, as more modern.

With chemical grief it is possible to note that the phrase “lives from hand to mouth“, perhaps, will become a synonym not of beggars, and rich!