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How not to fill cones on reception at the massage therapist of

today you will surprise nobody with Massage. Hundreds of massage offices are open over all country within sanatoria, rest houses, tourist bases and local policlinics. But whether you know how it is correct to use this procedure how many once a year it is possible to accept massage when also the coma it is appointed in what cases it is strictly contraindicated? And whether you consider massage for procedure in general? Can in your eyes it is one more way of receiving pleasant feelings? Well you are silent, do not know what to tell? Then read this article.

Types of massage exists great variety, to consider them no article will be enough. Yes we also do not aspire to it. We are interested in the general rules for all types and the characteristic. Let`s tell only that all these types are divided into massage manual and massage hardware. The first is carried out directly by the massage therapist`s hands, the second - by means of various vibratod, massage chairs and to that similar equipment. But also that, and other type of massage equally influences an organism, strengthening a blood-groove, softening stagnant fabrics, loosening hems and solderings. All this, naturally, promotes an organism ozdoravlivaniye, increases its protective and vital forces. So, massage - it is medical treatment-and-prophylactic procedure, and not a method of receiving pleasure at all. And it is necessary to treat him, as treatment of diseases or prevention of their emergence, but not as some whim or a whim.

Kohl we found out that massage is medical procedure, let`s understand from it for and against . In massage, as well as in other medical actions and drugs, there are rules which need to be known and observed. Here they.

1. Before application of massage consult to the doctor. Without it and you should not go for treatment. Well, you do not drink a tablet just like that because they helped the neighbor. Here and with massage also. Besides any normal massage therapist without recommendations and appointments will not begin to accept you. From a blank space only those irresponsible persons who except money need nothing work. In any case, at your health to such expert it will be deep to sneeze, believe.

2. The course of massage consists from 10 - ti procedures and time in half a year repeats. Ten procedures, but not 8 - 12, and daily, but not every other day as we often hear from different sources. The exception is made by only such options as combinations of two types of massage. For example, manual massage is combined with a hydromassage. In this case procedures alternate every other day. Courses repeat each 6 months, it is possible also once a year, but at least.

3. For massage special creams or talc are used. As the best greasings are considered massage « cream; luxury and ballet . They are neutral, do not cause an allergy as have practically no smell. Cream it is better to use on dry and normal skin, and also in a cold season. For fat, potlivy skin with the expressed indumentum, and also in the summer children`s powder or talc will approach better.

4. massage has to be in pleasure, but not in flour. It means that, lying on procedure, you together with improvement of an organism receive also a charge of good mood and pleasure. On massage procedure there is no place to either pain, or discomfort, or negative emotions. If all - they appear, explanations here two. Or you chose not that massage therapist, or massage is contraindicated to you. Unfortunately and so happens.

5. Do not hesitate to be curious. In general, this rule is applicable to any sphere of life, and especially to a question of personal health. That physician who does not study is bad. That patient who is not interested is bad. You remember it and be not afraid to ask questions, the good expert will almost always manage to answer you.

, as well as at any other medical procedure, are available For massage the contraindications and side effects. Is, of course, and indications, but it is information from the « point; to consult to the doctor . Not ours is patient care, the main thing to know about herself, it is possible or not. And here everyone should know about contraindications and side effects. So, sharp conditions, exacerbations of chronic diseases, high temperature, violation of integrity of skin, existence of gnoynichok and other dermatichesky manifestations, various oncological new growths and tuberkulyoza of any localization belong to contraindications. Here bleedings including periods, pregnancy, arterial pressure higher than 180x140, hypererethism of nervous system and personal intolerance belong. Also with care it is necessary to approach massage application if you have a diabetes or ostioparoz. At these diseases procedure has to be very easy and short. Otherwise it is possible to increase sugar level in blood or to unintentionally break fragile stones.

Side effects from massage there can be a great variety. And for everyone they are strictly individual. At one after procedure the head is slightly turned, others have painful massed places, the third have an easy indisposition. But all this very quickly passes. The main side effect in this type of physical therapy is emergence on skin of very painful bruises. There is it from the wrong equipment and low professionalism of the massage therapist. In this case the course needs to be interrupted. There will pass some short time, and bruises will pass by itself. But it is better for you not to address this expert any more. And one more important remark. The effect of influence of procedure keeps about six hours. This rule is applicable also to side effects. If any unpleasant feelings appeared during this time, then, perhaps, the reason in massage. Though it is not obligatory. If side effects proved after the specified time, massage here at anything. You remember this nuance before sinning on the massage therapist.

Perhaps, all this that any ordinary patient needs to know about massage to protect itself from mistakes. The rest - business of physicians. Take care and good luck.