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Why I do not want to get to Heaven?

A what there, in Paradise, to do - that?. To fall to me into a condition of the eternal heavenly pleasure consisting only of a bogopoznaniye and a bogoobshcheniye?. To be dissolved in a certain endless love to something incorporeal, after terrestrial quite tangible and it is sensual - spiritual love to all live?.

It for me is to come to be in a serious pathological condition at considerable extent of oppression of the central nervous system - to fell into “coma“. And it will be a question not of death of a brain, and of total absence of that.

However, not only me, but also any even far off will not be admitted to Paradise at such attitude towards the Saint for believers. Of course, there is no wish to offend their (believers) it vulgarly - household idea of Paradise, but for some reason there is no desire to devote the normal mortal life to God to deserve - the place among a hypothetical paradise jackpot.

And therefore I want to live really here and now.

There is a wish to participate actively and as long as possible in fascinating uchebno - production under the name “Life“. There is a wish to perceive life as creative process of design of philosophy of life and mentality. There is a wish to rejoice to new ideas, new projects, plans and decisions...

And I am already glad that I live in this world!. I am happy that my parents gave me life in love and a consent. At all I deny idea of “original sin“ and I do not want to apologize to anybody for the birth.

I am glad that memory of the childhood left for me pictures of enthusiastic perception of the world. I remember only mysterious and mysterious, surprising and impressive, good and beautiful... And komkasty cream of wheat from the childhood - the most tasty!

As it is good that in the childhood it was necessary to fall often, breaking in knee blood, and over time learning not to complain from pain and even not to pay attention to it. As it is good that the soccerball was one, and persons interested to score a goal - the whole two teams. And what this boyish happiness - 1:0 in your advantage!.

As it is good that girls, girls and women exist... Thanks to them I learned to compare myself to other males. Learned not to give the and to ignore others. Learned to smile when it is sick to tears and to keep silence when it is favorable. I learned much … I and the romantic - that became only thanks to women.

I was lucky in life with friends - their uncompromising stand helped to break with itself arrogance and to become kinder. I learned to understand more and more myself, thereby accusing others of the mistakes less.

I was lucky also with enemies: them at me still - the car and the small cart. And it seems that will not become less. Let!. I will adapt - I will become tempered in fights - “I will tear off all the heads“. Or, at last, I will learn to conduct negotiations.

As much still should learn!. I look with hope in the foggy future, and takes the breath away from the forthcoming abrupt turns of destiny and sharp stones of uncertainty. But I am not afraid of obstacles... Because I am not afraid to live here and now.

No, such road does not lead to the banal termination of my life. On the contrary, it, in my opinion, gives rise to a celebration of life and dizzy pleasure in other world. In what? I do not know. But there is a strong wish that there it was also interesting, as well as on Earth!