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Whether it is worth trusting children walking of dogs?

you never reflected, than walk of your child and a dog without your presence or any of adults can terminate?

Very much I want to try to open as much as possible a burning topic, such as walking of a dog by the child since often it is necessary to watch this process and the main thing what to tell something is useless to parents of this child who accustom the child to responsibility and kindness at the expense of our brothers smaller. Sometimes our smaller brothers, not so smaller in relation to the child, but as shows experience - the sizes of a dog with which the child walks, are not important in principle. And the fact that parents do not understand a situation in general is important.

The matter is that really dogs, as well as cats teach our dearest children to responsibility, of course … And sometimes parents lack time to bring a dog and the child has to make it, having simply obeyed to the father or mother … One more option, simply a little wildish, in my opinion, I will cite simply “we bought you a dog, here and walk with her“. Though, as a rule, to walk with a doggie of the child release only if it is a taksochka, a small teryerchik, pekinesik, a crested doggie and others. And result one, whatever one may do - it is dangerous, despite the existing law allowing to walk dogs to the persons which reached majority and having the passport. Now it is 14 years …

… but, at this age, it is interesting not to all children to walk dogs therefore children are walked, and dogs. Quite often saw at us in a ravine, a lot of the teenagers riding “bungee“ and the young kobelk of a beagle attached to a tree who, shouted by a heart-rending voice since he wanted to walk. But here that is called itself it is guilty - before he began to be tied, he in general without lead was walked by children and he escaped … before found it, it ran distance from m of Kuntsevskaya to m Krylatskoye. Certainly, the dog is loved in a family, as well as children, naturally, but parents have no time. They were just lucky that their pet is not aggressive in principle.

Another matter when count on the child to a lesser extent, than on a dog, allowing to walk a parental dog, just because she is phlegmatic and obedient, at the same time the fact that the child will never be perceived by a dog as the owner is forgotten. So, for example the girl of years so 12 when all members of household are busy, brings a doggie of the average size which under no circumstances does not perceive it equal to walking, and also is able to afford to bite the child. Naturally, periodically, comes the way of this dog children`s adoration and she snaps. What on the one hand can be understood, and on the other hand is an inadmissible behavior in relation to the person in general. This average doggie terribly pulls and selects everything. Yes it is not aggressive, but to this doggie with the child few times sent to a makeweight also other doggie of breed a leonberger. Parents motivated it with the fact that the dog is phlegmatic and manageable. Though, for a toy / stick this phlegm can ottrepat a dog weaker and the dog in general behaves a little strange, it is seen also by other dogs who often do not perceive it and here the reflex + understanding of the events already has to work to drag dogs who in a minute can begin to sort out among themselves the relations. Of course, if adults not always see similar situations what to wait for from the child who loves dogs, but is still too far from understanding of their mentality and habits? But it is also not that case, it can occur, and can not occur; and here is how the girl tries as if “the barge hauler on Volga“ to drag off dogs home who rest here really understand that the girl herself can fall and become a cripple also the fact that the same phlegm is capable to frighten at least children, having decided to play with them, and even to start a fight with someone who encroached on a toy or something else … Owners of these two dogs and, in combination parents of this girl, in much bigger degree understood responsibility for the child and people around when they had the Central Asian sheep-dog. Where their understanding got to now - it is not clear at all.

The girl of years 14 - 15 with some deviations, walked, shaking on a swing of a Shar-Pei. - drink this sphere differed from most of representatives of this breed famous to me in the irrepressible temper and excessive activity, persistence, a slyunyavost and not understanding at all what to someone from dogs can is not pleasant it pristavuchest and that growl on it is any more not game. The girl continued to shake on a swing, at a playground and occasionally remembered a dog who already managed to slobber dogs and to soil passersby. It is absolutely started case and there is no wish to tell about it much even. It was talked of their first Shar-Pei who died at the age of 4 years from cancer, but now they have a new pet of the same breed. Parents began to understand the responsibility only when understood that this new pet is in some way aggressive and is frequent him dogs since it begins to be lifted up by the first do not perceive. And on a bough, and even in a techka, this unique boy can rush as shows experience. The girl matured too, began to walk him on a lead. But here it is asked what miracle so many time rescued them from unpleasant accidents and terrible consequences.

And also the epilepsy attack at the Labrador taken on overexposure from acquaintances who was walked by the fellow of years 15 and captured with itself the friend with techny suky. It was necessary to pump out on the street a dog make-shifts … And also the boy of years 12 with the boxer who so clever as his little owner also gets through even through the closed gate of the dog platform to the women and girls walking techny a bough … And also the foundling a Dobermann terrier who wants to gobble up everything that moves and walked by the girl of years 15 who does not look at what around occurs and talks about Lyubov to girlfriends and every time is carried away by wind in bushes since the Dobermann terrier already ran also this boundary …

Of course, much more easier to say that we bought a dog for the child and let get used to responsibility. Of course, the notorious law made people full age from 14 years and allowed to walk dogs, but you should not forget that not only dogs can suffer, but also children, those whom we so want to accustom to an order and to grow up responsible and successful, happy and fair. Why to risk them - our continuation which will not be able to settle a fight between dogs - here or the child will get with hands to unclench a mouth and it will be bitten, or he will just escape, having been frightened, and will leave a dog one. Pokusa of the person - you should not stake on a small doggie and you should not hope that will not take a penalty for pokusa of a lap dog, and if it is about some serious breed or just large, so in general there is nothing to say, about how the big dog … yes even not pokus can injure, and just carelessness of a dog or excessive cheerfulness will lead to the fact that the dog will not see the person, people a dog and who will be dropped in a pool in a snow-white raincoat?

Often I hear also that the child is able to treat dogs and therefore we allow, he grew with this dog and learned to go, holding his neck … It is delightful, it is possible to assume and such succession of events - any dog in this situation, very much values that person that goes nearby, but will not listen to it if considers that the young owner is threatened by danger. She will fulfill the duty and will protect it even if in this protection and the need was not … at all

If it is serious breed or just the dog able to bite is not dependent on the size and breed … she though somehow obeys the little owner, and as a result, on the street, walking with it, she hears the “take“ or “bite“ team and gesture towards offenders - the same children as he - pellets … The child so told because it was offensive for him, he will be very cool if the dog protects it and then all will reckon with it, and the dog will execute command since. it was given not by foreign person and, is certain not that which he would obey always, but now from relatives only this child. “Who bit you?“ “With whom the dog walked?“ The penalty is the minimum that can be earned in this situation since the dog who attacked the person is very often lulled, it is enough to remember news.

To buy a doggie for the child, recently it very frequent there were a Labrador and golden retrievers only for some reasons - they very famous, they kind and well get on with children, they are dogs and have heavy weight. And the fact that Labradors do not like to execute command “nearby“ that in them a great lot of energy and force that to the person it is hard for her adult to hold that sometimes, the majority buying “a doggie for the child“ do not think of it or simply do not know.

Unfortunately, very much we trifle of the choice breed, that it is necessary to know everything about breed that is provided possible to know and we do not understand at all that the dog with the great interest will execute command it seems “face“ than, than the “sit next“ team or.

You should not underestimate also little dogs who can also provoke a fight, being lifted up on large dogs; they are really more simply controlled by a lead, than than average dogs, but you should not forget that all small dogs - are fragile and the child who considered that to a doggie it will be cheerful to roll down from a hill can incidentally injure them; you should not think that dachshunds, Jack Russell Terriers, Fox terriers - the most harmless beings who will not be able to make anything from what was described higher. Can and these with big pleasure all this will realize that is not dependent on their size. They are small, but it does not do this breed of less serious, than a large dog. They are worthy and dangerous opponents therefore children on walk with a dog without adult, can quite not cope with the favourite and you should not hope for good breeding of a dog, the good girl - the child, everything that was described above - only a matter of luck, but not regularity … is simple at the adult more chances to cope with similar accidents, and the child does not have them actually.

Therefore protect the children and dogs, without causing problems to people around.