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Movie “Dear friend“. New image of “twilight“ Robert Pattinson?

Capitalism, especially “wild“, “cave“, dictate the terms of a survival. We got used that very young girls look for all ways to become mistresses (and if carries - that and wives) powers that be.

The man invested by the power and wealth remains not bad groom to the deepest gray hairs. It is unimportant even whether it is capable to execute a conjugal duty. Eventually around it is full of young and male hardy servants, waiters and just young men that sexual appetites will help the lady to satisfy. The young girl and the hunched old man at an altar: this history is old as the world, and does not cause a particular interest.

Ill-matched crowds of prostitutes are hung around all continents, coil in others beds, and almost all to them are tolerant, especially man`s part of society. And here when on the contrary that is when the young young man to promote to the highest spheres, begins to enchant elderly wealthy ladies … The similar character causes very inconsistent emotions!

Authors of the movie “Dear friend“ addressed a magnificent basis for “pie“ - to Guy de Maupassant`s work. Not very long ago, in the USSR, this writer was under a certain secret ban. Yes, its works printed, but parents always carefully hid from kids of its book. Though adults learned creativity of the Frenchman with genuine interest. It is all about a large number of the sensuality poured by viscous unction according to pages of novels of the writer.

I still remember how heart when I got a grasp of the description of “a pink bud of a gentle nipple“ of the young Frenchwoman faded. Now images with “exposed flesh“ are hanging everywhere. There is no similar “cheesecake“ unless on children`s diapers yet … the Director of the movie “Dear friend“ Declan Donnelan and producers obviously did not lose


in - the first , having addressed the world-class classics checked centuries;
in - the second , having invited to leading roles of the favourite of all female teenagers in the world Robert Pattinson - that that it is so charming for female heart in an image of the vampire in the saga “Twilight“ - and Uma Thurman and Christina Richie checked by time and the world viewer of Hollywood stars;
in - the third , having concerned an immemorial subject - bribability of feelings for money that actually at all times.

Thus, three components of success of a picture as it seems to me, the following: a magnificent literary basis, hit in a subject and its topical character and use of romantic image of the main character for the good of a picture.

I will not hide, that went on the movie with expectation of a certain boredom, because tried to picturize Maupassant more than once, but especially memorable I cannot remember. But instead of boredom I derived a true pleasure from a picture! There is no uniform shot, but tension reaches apogee many times during the movie and, apparently, that the gun which is figuratively hanging on a wall is obligatory here - here will shoot. In “Dear friend“ there is no pursuit. But I understand that the main character is in this state and tries to catch up with a flying “bird by the name of good luck“ all screen time.

Special effects are almost zero, but look narrowly at suits on actors - and here where a real special effect! Women will pay attention to refinement and reliability of drawers on the actor Robert Pattinson / Georges Dyurua. In these fitting pantalonchik, with a lovely smile upon the face, with extraordinary courtesy it really seems very lovely. The movie and was called - “Dear friend“.

Georges is poor from the cradle. The father plows it in fields all night long, growing up a harvest, it never left the village. Around the father one pigs - both in human, and in an animal appearance, cows, the black sodden earth - and a plowed land, a plowed land, a plowed land... His son does not want a similar share and directs to Paris. It has no communications here. There is no money, normal housing … Who is capable to help it to rise? Or what? Persistent work? No! Own talents? No. Game in gamblings? No. Beautiful appearance? Yes! Charm? Certainly, it is. And when will of a case it gets to society where it is full growing old and I will give the rich, begins to work.

The main character Georges Dyurua performed by Robert Pattinson is really good. It is absolutely new image performed by the actor. I was about it the worst opinion after “Twilight“. Thought, it - a baby`s dummy in a beautiful candy wrapper for involvement of girls - spectators in chairs of movie theater. But here it is absolutely other! It is prudent. It is cold, cruel. The predator counting each step.

In a scene when it, having come into a considerable fortune, drives away one of the former girlfriends Virginia - the rich lady of years under sixty performed by Christine Scott Thomas, I was struck by sincerity of the actor and how fine it plays anger in front of a chamber. Three longitudinal pulsing veins cut his forehead as if lightnings, and emotions of these elements are transmitted to the hall, on the audience. Besides, Pattinson in the movie grew up, is slightly unshaven and very refined that is very characteristic of Maupassant`s images. I think if the viewer wants to see other Pattinson - that to him the road to a cinema hall on “Dear friend“.

In the course of conquest of influential women dear friend Georges marries Madeleine (Uma Thurman). Heat to the movie is given by continuous contacts of the heroine Uma with a certain count as it will become clear subsequently, a figure, extremely important for it. Who this mysterious count? This question introduces a note of the detective and increases charm of all history.

Rather actor`s game of Uma Thurman - she coped with a role perfectly. Its mourning of death of the count is so delightful touchingly that wants to be clapped. However, you catch yourself on a regret that the actress lost former brisk qualities. You remember it in the movie “Kill Bill“? Hurricane simply! And here obvious traces of withering of former freshness are visible, and it is impossible to make with it anything. But ability to transfer emotions - grief, malice - very much helped Thurman to make an image of the wife of Georges bright and memorable.

Once again I want to note work of costume designers. As though you plunge into life of Paris of a sample of 1890! Music in the movie creates effect of intensity and solemnity that is important, so far as concerns serious subject. To sell itself for money or not? Immemorial question.

The ending of the movie is inconsistent. Georges comes out the winner on the one hand. Its objectives are achieved. But a terrible devastation removes from his soul almost everything human. It is so easier to live under capitalism and.

But the vacuum does not suffer long emptiness. And it has to be filled with something. I think, in a case in with Georges it will be hatred. To the world, to, to women. But it is absolutely already other history.

To the movie I will not regret 10 of 10.