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Values - roads to sense.

Unfortunately, we often are not able to use that internal “scope“ which we have, and we miss an opportunity to find true sense in life and work. According to Victor Frankl, only the person has such chance with strong beliefs. But how for the rest of life to remain faithful to the beliefs, the values?

There is a small exercise helping to understand this question.

In the book “Doctor and Soul“ Victor Frankl suggests the reader to imagine own life as a mountain chain. One more version of the exercise based on this idea such is.
In - the first, try (it is also possible to invite to participate colleagues) to look at the life at work as look at the ridge. Before you tops sparkle - who at them costs? In other words, who exerted the greatest impact on your working career and career? Who those people who edified (and it is possible, knew and loved) you in relation to which you felt love and admiration? It can be authors of books, teachers and professors, employers, political leaders, just friends. Draw the mountains on paper with colored pencils or felt-tip pens, at tops write names.

The following step try to reveal the repeating values, i.e. values connected with several episodes, significant for you. For example, you well remembered a parting word someone their teachers or heads. Analyse about what main values it was told there, do it for the different people who significantly influenced you. Now concentrate on values which are probably included into your own valuable system. What of them - the most positive, the most significant? What you were convinced of during all career what you never change to?

I am sure that exercise “The mountain chain“ will allow you in a new way, to look more widely at life and work, and it will be yours, and only your point of view. You will open for yourself own values, learn, than differ from others, and get into sense of the business more deeply.

Sincerely yours,
Snezhana Zamaliyeva
“ Center of development of potential “