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12 reasons never to be given. You sometime told

to yourself: “All! I give up! At me nothing will turn out! It not for me!“. Sometimes we give up even before to begin something, and another time we refuse dream because we understand how many forces need to be applied for its implementation. When to me it is difficult
, I remember the Chinese saying: Whether “The road to one thousand begins with the first step“. And I remind every time to myself that with each step even if a short step, I approach the purpose!

In this article 12 reasons why you never have to give up are collected.
Ya I hope that you will find the reason before in advance to be given, and it will inspire you on moving further to achievement of the purpose, to the dream!

1. While you are living, everything is possible
the Only good reason for which you can give up, your death is. Until you are living, you have a choice to make attempts, to move towards your purpose.

2. An objective assessment - the key to success
the Probability of development something is from the first very small. Everything demands time, discipline and persistent work. Be not afraid of mistakes! Study as them!

3. You are strong
you stronger, than you think. It is not enough one small failure to stop you in the course of achievement of the success. Will be as well 10, both 100, and 1000 failures insufficiently.

4. Prove
If you do not want to be known as someone another, then is weakness, and says that you give up. You leave and prove to be to other world, and also yourself. You can and will achieve that you intended to make. You fail only when you give up.

5. Whether it became earlier? If someone another could make by
it, then also you will be able. Even if only one person in the world managed to reach what is wished by you. It has to become the sufficient reason for you never to be given.

6. Believe in the dreams
do not betray yourself. In life there are many people who say to you that you want to reach impossible. Do not allow anybody to pull down the dreams.

7. Your family and friends
Allow people whom you love, to become your inspirers on continuing to move persistently further.

8. People are in the worst family way, than you
are Right now many people who are in the worst situation and in the worst conditions of environment, than you now. You want to refuse morning jog? Think of people who are not able even to go and as much they would be ready to give for an opportunity to be run! Appreciate what you have!

9. Improve our world
When you reach everything that was intended to be reached, you can use the success to make changes in the world or in life of certain people.

10. You deserve happiness
Never allow anybody to speak to you opposite. You deserve happiness and deserve success. Keep this spirit and never give up, you will not reach the destination yet.

11. Inspire other
you are an inspiration source for others, refusing to be given. Who knows what other person inspired by your persistence can reach.

12. You is already so close to
Often when you feel that you want to give up, you are so close making huge break. Do not forget about it!

And now I want to recommend you the following exercise. It is called “the Diary of Success“ (Baudot Schaffer “Manya or the alphabet of money“). This written task. Get a notebook or a notebook. Daily note 5 - 10 progress (even the smallest) and fix them in brief in the diary. So, for example, Baudot guarantees that after 2 - 3 months of maintaining the similar diary if you do not recede and you continue to write down your income begins to grow. My experience shows that this exercise is very useful for work with a self-assessment.

Progress to you, friends!
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Sincerely yours,
Snezhana Zamaliyeva