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How still it is possible to have a rest in the country?. Arrange yourself “picnic on a roadside“ of

Ya just I adore cine post-apocalyptic landscapes of Europe and especially America … Very much I like picturesque ruins of the cities, the sky of unclear color, the strange escaped constructions, the drying trees with two - three whithered leaves, picturesque fragmentary clothes of bandits and simple travelers.

The infinite roads calling afar are pleasant … These “transcendental“ roads (for some reason most often with a good covering) just bewitch me the potustoronnost. Here I represent how I go in the boundless desert on a good road to nowhere, and the soul rejoices. More precisely, I have a rest soul. I have Really a rest.

With great pleasure I invite also you actively to have a rest in this way. But as in Russia, to put it mildly, there are certain problems and with a good covering for roads, and with the roads directed in infinity, that is sense at once to turn on a roadside and, assimilating to the foolish Stalker, directly from there to begin the fascinating travel to “Zone“.

With itself it is better to take nobody. Neither friends with beer, nor girlfriends in pink rubber boots on heels, nor doubtful fellow travelers with the nicknames “Writer“ and “Professor“ instead of names, nor the dog … And let “The lady driving“ does not see off you.

Only alone go to look for an exit from creative crisis, without wishing to relieve mankind of the Russian reality in passing at all. Go most that on is, a long roundabout way to this mysterious place of the abnormal phenomena - to “Zone“. In other words, you wander to yourself quietly about the neighborhood of your city, including a dump.

It is quite possible that at the beginning you will begin to perceive the world mainly too in it is black - white tones … But it quickly will pass - Russians are able to adapt to environment almost instantly. Soon the first stream will open for you the surprising picture of the world. And already in color.

You as if the talented cameraman, you will begin to peer into a bottom of a dead stream attentively. You will slowly go along the course, stopping for a while, especially carefully examining pleasant. You will admire the sunk old times objects … For certain to you will have the luck to see the past, the present and the future at the same time.

Having passed safely all traps and obstacles of “Zone“, do not try to look for the mysterious Room. And if It meets on the way, do not come inside - there is no place of execution of treasured dreams. There really is a threat of life! There is enough of fact that you successfully overcame almost Tarkovskaya “meat grinder“ and with might and main admired apocalyptic landscapes of an industrial zone of the suburb.

Seen and endured by you will help to dump a sticky infection of a depression from soul … The desire to live will prevail, and the crazy thought of destruction of all what was seen by means of portable 20 - kiloton of an atomic bomb fast will disappear at the sight of hometown outlines lovely to heart.

To you there will be no business before disposal of Russians of danger of implementation of dangerous subconscious desires in the Room. And Stalker is good only on a screen … And brothers Strugatsky is the real writers …

A to you simply - naprosto will want to live long and happily after such walk.

Remarkable rest!. Isn`t that so?