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Once again about a uniform calendar of

Mullah Nasreddin was hospitalized. Knock at a door, the woman in a white dressing gown entered: I am your doctor. Undress. Mullah: Completely? Doctor: Yes. He undressed completely, the doctor examined him, then: You lay down on a bed, you have questions? Mullah: Why knocked at a door and completely undressed me? Doctor: In hospital such law.
In the world were and there are sets of calendars, each states adopted such law, they have shortcomings:
of week consist of 7 days, but not days, hours consist 12 as be - that after a sunset is not present life;
has the youngest age of a calendar about 1500 (Afghanistan and Iran);
are not defined: center (beginning, navel) of Earth (reference point) and radius and edge of a cube;
in cards are not specified lines and borders of the equator, a meridian and a vertical;
Earth was in those days small, and inhabitants are not developed spiritually, corporally and intellectually as now;
However, Earth - the house of Mankind, and in the house has to be a uniform calendar, we Know that completely sunrise there is a cycle =24 hours. Completely emergence of a new moon is a cycle = the 30th days. 2 days - the 29 and 30 days of every month the Moon is not visible, only to appear 1 - oho numbers a new moon. This process it is possible to observe in every month. I suggest to take the square table of the size 12 - one of the basis of a rubik about 12, it corresponds weeks. Then weeks 144 hours, in a month of 5 weeks =720ch consist of 6 days =., and in a year 60 weeks. Year consists of 12 months = 360 days, makes 8640 hours. The whole hours have to be the showing 24 hours. Then it is possible to learn what time in each 576=2424 square - the state. Each smooth square of the Earth`s surface - the state has the size of 1000 km and differs on 1 h. Each 4 borders is straight lines. There is no need, puts clock summer and winter. Means, by means of digital satellites and mobile phones always in connection with each square - the state and people in whom live. Now I explain why weeks consider 7 days, year consists of 365 or 366 days, but not exactly the 360th days. We say that we live in the globe, and the sphere projection to the plane is a circle. The circle is divided into 360 degrees and each of them is located as equals distances from the center. All are expressed by means of integers and letters of the alphabet of people of the world.
the Circle - the figure showing circle borders radius is divided into 6 parts, and with a diameter at 3. If to connect points of division pieces of straight lines, then we will receive the correct hexagon. Let`s carry out diagonals, we will receive a cube in a sphere where the centers of a sphere and cube coincide, and the cube concerns in 8 points of a sphere, i.e. the circle is divided into 8 parts. These are crossings of two mutually perpendicular squares. Let`s consider a sphere in a cube, the sphere concerns in 6 points, and in the centers of the basis of a cube. From here 1 cube surround 7 cubes, i.e. equality is carried out: 6 n - 1 + 6n, it is also possible to make a big cube and rubik about 3. From 8 cubes - a big cube and rubik about 2. We know that 19 x 19 = 361. It is one square surround 360 squares and then one cube surround 360 cubes. From equality: 6 n - 1 + 6n, at n = 60 we will receive 360 - 1 + 360. If n = 61, then from 6 n - 1 + 6n we receive that 366 - 1 + 366. It is increase process around.
for Mankind will not matter further: time, coordinates - where is at present as there are no death all which are given rise still live, and each person has the only couple, eternally healthy and young - always in 25 years! It is equivalent that God to go down to Earth to help people to solve their problems. The blind person will approach and will tell: I do not see. To lay God hands on the head of the applicant and that will begin to see clearly. The deaf will approach it and will begin to hear. The humpback to straighten. He will approach the patient and will recover. Will approach the old man, and he will become 25 summer. His representatives on Earth - creators of laws will approach God: scientists, parliamentarians, presidents, prophets will also tell: We were mistaken, did not even know how the 2nd integers develop and multiplied. God forgives them, they will correct the errors. Further all will be clever both to submit to the only law and to study the only science Arifgraf! We will start everything over again, correcting all made mistakes.