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Whether it is worth feeling sorry for himself

What the way of the person achieving the objectives differs from a way of the person at which “for some reason“ nothing leaves. Each of us has 1000 reasons explaining our failures in work, private life etc. It is always simpler to pass fault on someone or something, than honestly and critically to estimate itself - the merits and demerits. Marcus Aurelius told
: “The most contemptible type of cowardice is a pity to itself“. Feeling sorry for itself, we only recognize the feebleness and negligibility, irresponsibility to the life.
Who if not we, the thoughts and actions, makes our life better. Anybody.
U of all is difficulties, but the difference between the pessimist and the optimist consists in what the pessimist sees in any opportunity - difficulty, and the optimist in any difficulty sees an opportunity.
We - these are our thoughts, both positive, and negative exists only in our consciousness. Really there is no wish to feel like the owner of the life? To prove first of all to yourself that you are capable to change the life and to achieve the objectives?!.... Will master the road going, here that should be remembered, beginning life with a new leaf.
U me as any person, has difficulties, but even aloud I do not pronounce the word “difficulty“ or “problem“. For me it is tasks which I have to solve. Day by day to go to what is important for me. Events and people take place in our life not for some reason, and for something. They are created for this purpose to teach us to something..., for example, to patience, ability to appreciate, what you have today, but not eternally to pursue the mythical purposes and values which perhaps those and are not. Let`s remember also that everything is learned in comparison, today precisely is to us better than to citizens of Libya.
“All in my hands“ - with this phrase there begins day a girl living in Ivano`s city - Frankovsk, gathering for morning jog. All of us are not ideal, but we are able to change ourselves and, for this purpose it is necessary to try, to find for it time, to make efforts, but the result is worth it. We it is not worse than the people who reached recognition, material remuneration, respect and. etc.
Should not wait for “the next Monday“ for this purpose at last to begin new life. Why not to make it today?