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How to help the child to fall in love to read books?

Many parents of first graders and pupils of younger school face a problem when the child badly reads. The subject of reading is given it that is called very hard. From here and dislike for a subject in general, bad notes, tears, reprimands from parents.

How to help the child to fall in love to read books? To help to fall in love, but not to force, to compel, to insist.

The school program with classical standard stories and stories - too classical and standard, and all children - individual and special. Therefore not always, what they read in school textbooks, interests them, mentions strings in their small hearts and just it seems to them interesting. From here and lack of interest in a reading subject, average progress.

Before us as the difficult task to open the fascinating world of the book before our children costs the loving careful and wise parents. To impart them love to reading literature. I think, nobody will begin to argue that not one computer and time spent at its monitor will not replace the hour spent together by the favourite book. Reading books develops at the child not only the general outlook, erudition, opens new knowledge and gives new information. Besides all this, at the child the imagination develops. Those words which he reads come to life in his imagination live colourful pictures and in which paints he will paint this art world, the little reader chooses.

Observe the child, what movies and animated films he is interested. What genre loves most of all? Who his favourite heroes? Talk to it about it. Ask to tell that it is interesting to it.

After the focus of interest of your future little reader is known to you, go to bookstore. Today on book shelves of shops it is possible to meet a wide choice of books with bright illustrations, beautiful covers. In these books there live heroes of adventure novels, children`s romantic fairy tales, fascinating stories about fauna. Try to pick up bright, colourful, the book, with illustrations and pictures, a font, and a fascinating plot, convenient for reading. At the choice of the book not rukovodstvuyotes only the fact that this book is useful to reading. It has to interest your child, carry away. Start up it will be not the severe encyclopedia, but the fascinating story on a plot of the favourite movie. The book about Harry Potter, pirates of the Caribbean Sea - that it it was interesting to child to read the main thing.

After a hard choice of the first book is made. It is paid and lies before you on your table - sign its title page with donative words. It can be “Your first book. With love from mother …“, “With the first own book …! And so on. I think, the loving parents surely will find warm words for the child at such important point in his life. Pack the signed book into gift packing, tie up a bow - children love surprises and secrets.

In a festive atmosphere when all family gathers, hand to the child a gift. You do not hurry him right there sits down at reading, pay attention to a donative inscription on the book. To children interesting all new, the child will surely show interest in the bright, colourful book with an interesting plot. If ask it to read you aloud, then offer reading option aloud in turn. If the book is written on a plot of the screen version of the movie, suggest to watch part of the movie, and then on pages of the book to find the events which are taking place on the screen.

Show the imagination, softness, but, do not force the child to read the presented book at all. Our task to help to fall in love to the child to read books, but not to achieve opposite result violent coercion to reading. The first pages, chapters 1, and there your little reader will open before himself the amazing world of book heroes, and the book surely will become his good friend.