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Tactics and strategy for the whole world of people of the planet Earth

In any era, will always be in any country the people living only in hope for the future or belief in some rescue, adjoining on madness and they have no mind, it is reasonable to judge those who are guilty of their troubles. They also become the victims of those who know how to manipulate minds and outlook of people so that, eventually, that without knowing, construct gallows not only for themselves, but also for people, innocent. Victor Shauberger

Kogda normally mylyashchy person will attentively see plots of these rollers:
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A what to do? How to do? And, the most important where it is necessary to begin to do to change process of life to the best in the world of people!!! It is possible to resist to ambitions of world puppeteers only this way - to change system of the power in all leaders strange the world. Exhaustive information as you will find the answer to these questions here in these articles:
Rome of the period of decline
of spravedlivo - online. ru/communication/blog/blog. php? page=post &blog=RaSvet7 &post_id=23023
Schemers and helpers of world crisis.
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Citizens and state: experience of the Russian and Swedish civil societies.
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Self-government of Council of Citizens in constituencies.
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the Power of Parity - a reasonable consent of female and man`s leaders of the people.
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Presidential elections are a jump of quality of the power or stable trample ?!!
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From pseudo democracy to a phenomenon of the self-regulating power!!!!!
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on the place it is necessary to pull out reins of the SECRET POWER from their hands. How to make it? To cardinally transform system of the power so that reasonable leaders of the people in real time of vital process could INFLUENCE it actively. Here for this purpose it is also necessary that information of articles stated above effectively worked. Therefore need to UNDERTAKE edition of the published material jurists, literary artists on purpose to STATE information on the structure of the new power briefly, accurately and clear so that each INHABITANT COULD understand it, having understood an essence. And then first of all to EXTEND this message among active and not indifferent people: members of parties, any associations, movements, the unions having stated before them a task - to intelligibly explain a material essence in the immediate environment: relatives, friends, colleagues on work and to people, nearby living. Then persistently to INVOLVE in this business of familiar leaders of the country, having offered a strategic problem of creation of space of common interests. And for this purpose it is also necessary to HOLD as soon as possible a referendum on REORGANIZATION of all system of the power on NEW CONDITIONS of the RIGHTS of its functioning. To connect to this business of the leading leaders of the near and far ABROAD for this purpose that they translated into the languages this concept of the power for the purpose of distribution it among the people, and then to the organization of a referendum in the country. It is necessary to pull hard the WIDE FRONT on world puppeteers, having tied them on hands and legs that they and did not manage to roar.

I hope for reasonable cooperation from each decent person not indifferent to a situation in the world of people - the civilization facing an abyss.
yours faithfully, Vasily Strannik