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Really geochemistry - a basis of raw “drug addiction“?

generally and. I often expostulated geologists: naotkryval of different fields, and now the country from a raw needle will not get down in any way.

The geochemistry studies a chemical composition of Earth, prevalence in it chemical elements and their stable isotopes, regularity of distribution of chemical elements in various geospheres, laws of behavior, a combination and migration of elements in natural processes. The term “geochemistry“ is entered by K. F. Shenbeyn in 1838

Founders of geochemistry - V. I. Vernadsky, V. M. Goldshmidt, A. E. Fersman. The geochemistry includes : analytical geochemistry, physical geochemistry, lithosphere geochemistry, geochemistry of processes, regional geochemistry, hydrogeochemistry, radio geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, radio geochronology, biogeochemistry, organic geochemistry, landscape geochemistry, geochemistry of a litogenez. Geochemistry - one of theoretical bases of searches of minerals .

The geochemistry was historically created as chemistry of elements in geospheres and in many respects continues to remain such. It was justified at the time of Fersman and Vernadsky. But of property of substances are properties of phases . The same element can be in structure of various phases and itself to form many phases with very different properties (an example - several phases of carbon). In the 20th century methods of the analysis of phases appeared. Therefore further development of geochemistry is a chemistry of phases in geospheres. Bulk the element analysis of geological tests has to be supported with the phase analysis. Otherwise it is observed by nothing not justified pereskok through the structural level of the organization of substance now: from chemical element, passing a mineral phase, to breed and a geological body.

For understanding of our intervention in geospheres recently entered concept “ecological backpack“ - material capacity of service is very useful. For example, demonstration of your marital status - the Golden wedding ring - is equivalent to three tons of the moved and processed rock.

The Institute of geochemistry and analytical chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), Institute of mineralogy OURO RAHN (Miass), the All-Russian scientific research institute of geological, geophysical and geochemical systems work (Moscow), Institute of geology and geochemistry (Yekaterinburg), the Joint institute of geology, geophysics and mineralogy (Novosibirsk). There is a Geokhimiya magazine. The reference book - Henderson P. Neorganicheskaya geochemistry. M.: World, 1985.

“Best“ undressed her (for our country) - organic geochemistry (OG). Studies chemical and isotope composition of the organic substances concluded in rocks, their evolution during geological history, regularity of distribution and also a role of organic substance in processes of migration of chemical elements in crust.

The problem of OG includes consideration of evolution of organic compounds (hydrocarbons and their derivatives) from the moment of emergence, studying of further change of their structure and regularities of distribution. OG studies initial for organic substance of biochemical connection (carbohydrates, proteins, a lignin, etc.) and products of their transformation in external geospheres under the influence of bacterial life, temperature, pressure and other factors (a humus, sapropel, coals fossil, combustible slates, oil).

Geochemistry of oil and coal turned into the independent scientific directions. The important section OG - studying of a role of organic substance in migration and concentration of many chemical elements in crust and formation of fields of uranium, copper, vanadium, Germany, molybdenum. OG close adjoins to an organic kosmokhimiya which object of research is organic substance of space ph.

As an independent branch of science, it was issued only in 1950 - x years. Value of organic geochemistry is especially important at the present stage of searches of oil and gas in Western Siberia when for a long time almost all oil and gas fields which are followed by strong search indications are open and developed. Now for successful searches it is necessary to know as well as what in these specific conditions oil and gas were formed of as they move in a subsoil and form deposits and as at the same time their properties change. Search of new oil and gas fields, especially in Western Siberia which is the main oil-and-gas province of Russia, a task very actual. In Western Siberia get oil much more, than its stocks in again found fields. If proceeds so, then soon in Russia there will be no place to get economies of amount of oil and gas, necessary for development. We pass to the Arctic shelf.

“Ur“, companions, to oil and gas needles on which we sit and, at least, 12 more years we will sit under the wise management. Let`s lift … a glass of tea for waste of national riches and for geochemistry - their mother.